Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I was 'Tasered' by Israelis, says Herald photographer

ISRAEL is deporting 618 international detainees (), including four Australians, captured when it stormed a flotilla of ships in international waters.

The deportees include the Herald's chief correspondent, Paul McGeough, who is travelling on his Irish passport, and the Herald photographer Kate Geraghty.

McGeough and Geraghty are being flown to Turkey and are due to land in Istanbul about 3am local time (10am AEST).

McGeough said the Prime Minister of Turkey, which provided planes to transport the deportees, had refused to allow aircraft to leave before all detainees and the bodies of dead Turks were on board.

Funerals for several of the Turkish dead are expected to be held in Istanbul tomorrow. Video Pictures and More

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