Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Gaza Freedom Flotilla ordeal

Watch Ambassador Edward Peck's description of his Gaza Freedom Flotilla ordeal at the protest in front of the White House

There was a protest rally in front of the White House on June 1, 2010. Former U.S. Ambassador Edward Peck was one of the speakers. He described his ordeal of being on a vessel, part of a flotilla, on a "humanitarian" mission to Gaza. It was forcibly seized, hijacked, at 4 AM on May 31th, by heavily armed Israelis in international waters. Ambassador Peck was arrested by the Israelis and taken, in custody, to the port city of Ashdod in Zionist Israel. He was processed, interrogated there by his captors and later released. Ambassador Peck added that in Somalia,"we call that 'piracy.'" For background, see, "The Goldstone Report," at: and

Israel Bombs Gaza Again

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