Wednesday, 2 June 2010

'Israeli attack was Nazi fascist fury'

Nazi Jews masquerading as "Holocaust Survivors" and hiding behind Jewdaism

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has condemned Israel's attack on the Freedom Flotilla as "Nazi fascist fury."

The Israeli commandos who boarded the ships fired "frenetically" at the aid workers, AFP quoted Castro as saying in an article on Wednesday.

Castro, 83, writes regular columns for Cuban media commenting on world events.

Castro also said it is unlikely that US President Barack Obama will be able to serve another term in office if the United States does not launch a nuclear attack on Iran.

"Is it possible," Castro wondered, for Obama to be re-elected "without the Pentagon of… Israel… use nuclear weapons against Iran?"

The report did not provide more details about the logic behind Castro's comment.

In April, Obama said that the US would not use nuclear weapons against countries that do not have a nuclear capability even if they launch a chemical or biological attack against the United States. However, he made an exception for Iran and North Korea. PressTV

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