Tuesday, 28 May 2013

War in Syria is a Go – Obama Asks Pentagon for No Fly Zone Plans

I distinctly remember Obama babbling something about nation building at home instead of abroad during the last debate. And declaring in his latest speech that we must let the terrorists go because perpetual war is bad. And here he is preparing for a war in Syria.

A No Fly Zone sounds like it’s not a war, which is why Obama exploited a No Fly Zone to invade and implement regime change in Libya. Based on Libya, Obama’s version of a No Fly Zone has little in common with the Bush era No Fly Zone, since it’s an open ended excuse for bombing anything and anyone, anywhere.

The No Fly Zone plans request could be read as a bluff ahead of the negotiations, but considering Obama’s record in Syria, it should be assumed that he is planning to take the United States into a Syrian war for the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.

The White House has asked the Pentagon to draw up plans for a no-fly zone inside Syria that would be enforced by the U.S. and other countries such as France and Great Britain, two administration officials told The Daily Beast.
The Pentagon is sort of denying these reports, but the denial has plenty of loopholes in them. And Obama Inc. has said earlier that a No Fly Zone is an option and there are reports that such plans had been drawn up.

As I have said before, the trigger for intervention in Syria will be the same one as in Libya. Officially there will be handwringing over atrocities and human rights violations, but that is just propaganda, the real trigger will be the rebels facing defeat. And the Sunni militias have been falling back somewhat. It may not be enough to trigger intervention, but it may be enough to move intervention plans forward.

The problem for Barack Hussein Obama is that there is no way he’s going to run this play on the UN Security Council a second time. Everyone there knows that when a Nobel Peace Prize winner talks about a No Fly Zone, he means an invasion for regime change. Which means Obama is going to have turn pieces of NATO into a Bush style Coalition of the Willing. And he’s going to have to do it next door to Iraq.

The irony alone is almost deadlier than the bombs.


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