Sunday, 5 May 2013

Terrorist Rogue ‘State‘ Supporting USraeli-Wahhabi Al-Qaeda Terrorists with Airstrikes

 Syria condemned on Sunday Israel over airstrikes against targets around Damascus, saying the attacks aim "to give direct military support to terrorist groups" fighting the government, the Associated Press reported.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry also said Sunday in a letter sent to the United Nations and the U.N. Security Council that the "Israeli aggression" had killed and wounded several people and "caused widespread destruction."

Earlier Sunday, Israel's military moved two Iron Dome batteries as part of "ongoing situational assessments."

The move came hours after Israel carried out what an intelligence official said was an airstrike in Damascus that attacked a shipment of Iranian-made missiles bound for Hezbollah.

The attack, the second in three days, signaled a sharp escalation of Israel's involvement in Syria's bloody civil war. Syrian state media reported that Israeli missiles struck a military and scientific research center near Damascus and caused casualties.

An intelligence official in the Middle East, who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity in order to disclose information about a secret military operation to the media, confirmed that Israel launched an airstrike in the Syrian capital early Sunday but did not give more precise details about the location. The target was Fateh-110 missiles, which have precision guidance systems with better aim than anything Hezbollah is known to have in its arsenal, the official said.

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