Sunday, 5 May 2013

Israel nukes Syria

"Israel dropped a nuclear class weapon on Damascus, mushroom cloud so big it sparked it's own lightning. Two Israeli jets shot down, anti aircraft batteries responding"

The fire is from a previous bombing run, the big blast is near the end, this proves Israel is using the largest ordnance there is. This was filmed from approximately 3 kilometers away. 
Here is a direct link in case the window below is defunct.

It really appeared to be at least a kiloton class weapon, with a mushroom cloud at least a KM high.
"earthquake preceeded blast"
My comment - Ok, the attack may have been nuclear, because it shook the ground FIRST, and then the "blast" penetrated the surface where it was observed by people on the ground. NOTE - this is not the blast in the video below.

RT is reporting a dead journalist, with surviving journalists thus far seeing over 300 dead. If that many dead are seen this soon, the actual count will be in the thousands until the divide by a thousand factor is thrown in by the spin team, official "dead" will likely be fewer than 20.

Another round of attacks by Israel is underway. It is now being reported that Syria has been forced to declare war on Israel
Israel is confirming the loss of two planes, and also confirming they are bombing Syria.

Israel has cancelled all schools tomorrow and told all people to stay home from work in case Syria attacks back
The Aleppo airport has been completely obliterated.

All power out in the entire Damascus metro area after latest round of Israeli airstrikes More

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