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The Hidden Nation of the Jews

“There is within America an unseen nation that salutes a foreign flag, follows a foreign agenda, receives assistance from powerful foreign agencies, who has achieved great wealth, great power, who hold many high positions in our government as they have in governments past.
They have the longest history of genocide and the longest history of expulsion from their host country of any group in history.

The Jews formed together into tribes over 2,000 years ago and began to make war upon their neighbors. They continue this war today.

These nomadic tribes were extended families with high levels marriage within the kinship group and marriage to blood relatives. Judaism was a tribal religion with hereditary priests and like the religions around it practiced human sacrifice in the early years.

The list of societies upon whom the Jews engaged in war and genocide is a long one. The Bible is essentially a history of Jewish genocide and conquest and the attempts of the Jews to enslave and dominate other peoples. Like the pagan Nazis Judaism is a religion of blood and soil, territory and power, war and conquest. The lands that God “gave” to the Jews included the lands of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaim, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgas***es, and Jebusites.

The book of Joshua is a celebration of invasion, rape, murder, plunder, slaughter and genocide.

Historically, the wanderings of the Jews across the globe commence in the fourth century before our era.

About 331 B.C. Alexander transported some Jews to Alexandria, Ptolemy sent some of them to Cyrenaica, and about the same time Seleucus led some of them to Antioch. When Jesus was born Jewish colonies flourished everywhere, and it was among them that Christianity recruited its first adherents. There were Jews in Egypt, in Phoenicia, in Syria, in Coele-Syria, in Pamphylia, in Cilicia, and as far as Bithynia. In Europe they had settled in Thessalia, Boeotia, Macedonia, Attica and Peloponnesus. They were to be found in the Great Isles, on Euboea, on Crete, on Cyprus, and at Rome. “It is not easy to find a place on earth,” says Strabo, “which has not received that race.”

Why were the Jews hated in all those countries, in all those cities? Because they never entered any city as citizens, but always as a privileged class. Though having left Palestine, they wanted above all to remain Jews, and their native country was still Jerusalem, i.e., the only city where God might be worshipped and sacrifices offered in His Temple.

At Alexandria they were quite numerous. According to Philo, Alexandria was divided into five wards. Two were inhabited by the Jews. The privileges accorded to them by Caesar were engraved on a column and guarded by them as a precious treasure. They had their own Senate with exclusive jurisdiction in Jewish affairs, and they were judged by an ethnarch. They were ship-owners, traders, farmers, most of them wealthy; the sumptuousness of their monuments and synagogues bore witness to it. The Ptolemies made them farmers of the revenues; this was one of the causes of popular hatred against them. Besides, they had a monopoly of navigation on the Nile, of the grain trade and of provisioning Alexandria, and they extended their trade to all the provinces along the Mediterranean coast. They accumulated great fortunes; this gave rise to the Iinuidia auri Judaici. The growing resentment against these foreign cornerers, constituting a nation within a nation, led to popular disturbances; the Jews were frequently assaulted, and Germanicu, among others, had great trouble protecting them.

Since the destruction of their Temple in 70 AD the Jews have again dispersed to many nations as an invisible nation, the nation of Israel, living within the borders of other nations, an invisible nation with its own policies, elections and goals. Historically, in societies where there were large numbers of Jews, they repeatedly become a powerful, elite group only to fall from power for their activities and be expelled and/or slaughtered. The Jews have been expelled or slaughtered in over a hundred countries, city-states and provinces for their activities the last 1,000 years. An intelligent person would ask why.

The Jews are a highly ethno-centric people. They are conditioned from early life to think of the Jews and the “other”, the goim (or goyim). Good is what is good for the Jews. Where they abide in any numbers they often coalesce into exclusionary, authoritarian groups that often have tremendous solidarity and cohesiveness.

They cooperate in highly organized, and mutually reinforcing groups that can be quite effective in achieving Jewish goals. With their cohesiveness and sometimes hyper-ethnocentrism the Jews form an Ethnic Intelligence Apparatus that promotes their economic and cultural interests over and above the interests of the nation in which they live. The founder of the Rothschilds. used it to great effect.

Historically one of the major themes of anti-Jewish movements has been Jewish economic domination. Western societies are individualistic in their basic approach; the Jewish cultural form is collective with a strong sense of group identity. The Chosen People of God and the “other”.

In the midst of a disunited middle class, whose members are engaged in a perpetual struggle against one another, the Jews stand united as one. This is the secret of their success. Their solidarity is all the stronger in that it goes so far back. Its very existence is denied, and yet it is undeniable.

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