Sunday, 17 March 2013

Protesters slam US govt. for providing support to Israel

They converged by the hundreds just a few blocks from the White House.

This energized crowd was here to send the Obama administration a message for the beginning of his second term. Ibrahim Oweiss a former Georgetown University professor says enough is enough when it comes to US aid for Israel.

The protest was organized by Jewish Voice for Peace, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, and Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace. But other well-known groups such as Code Pink also attended.

They gathered in Farragut Square to bring attention to the billions of dollars the US gives Israel and continuing reports of civil rights abuses against Palestinians and other minority ethnic groups.

Conservative estimates from the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs put US’ aid to Israel at 123 Billion dollars since the late 19-40s. But the report says it’s difficult to determine the exact dollar amount because of indirect funding through various U.S. agencies.

As a divided Congress fights over how to manage the countries finances, protesters here say they are dissatisfied with the amount of money the US spends each year on Israel and they know where the federal government can make some cuts.

Nathan Harrington is a high school teacher who says he’s teaching students about the influence of tax dollars.

The protest calling for a cease in aid turned into a march stopping briefly in front of the White House--protesters hoping that their message reaches those that will make comprehensive policy changes.

At a time when the US considers cutting excessive spending many here are asking why not start with the billions in aid going to Israel.

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