Thursday, 12 August 2010

This Born Again 'Messianic' Jew Fans the Flames of Hate

Meet some Kosher 'Loony Tunes" Who Want OUR Kids to Fight and Die for Zionism

Welcome to the American Center for Law & Justice, founded by billionaire radical extremist Pat Robertson.

The UNAmerican Center for Lawlessness and INJustice is led by a Kosher Klown named Jay Sekulow, who tirelessly advocates for more US interventions in the ME and SW Asia, when he isn't raising hell about some imaginary enemy created by Zionists and Neocons, aided by their allies in the MSM.

Jay and his buds are leading the fight to get that NYC mosque banned from building anywhere in downtown Manhattan.

'Rabbi' Sekulow likes to brag about the cases he's argued before courts, defending the right to practice one's religion, but only if it's the state designated Judeo-Christian one that has been forced upon us thru deceit, trickery and outright lies.

Just don't ask or expect to find out how the ACLJ spends its money, since they have refused to offer any documentation on that matter.

When this self-pro-claimed Born Again 'Messianic Jew' isn't going ballistic on the air, he spends some of his time with the Jerusalem Prayer Team, that is mad as hell that those poor Israeli thugs who boarded the Gaza Aid Ships, are actually being considered criminal for shooting unarmed peace activists in the back of the head.

This Rabbi has a close circle of friends, like the wife of noted Islamaphobe Elliot Abrams; William "Let the USA Bomb Iran for Israel" Kristol and that 'Family Values' man, Gary Bauer, who's been caught committing adultery.

I watched 'Rabbi' Jay one night on the CBN--Christian Broadcasting Network--raving on and on about Muslims. The man was damn near foaming at the mouth.

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