Thursday, 12 August 2010

How They do it and The Solution to their Evil Intent.

The system of mass information control has to be seized from the hands of those wielding in on behalf of the bankers, the war machine and the corporations. All debt must be disowned and placed in the shoulders of those who have used it to enslave the people. Money should never be given to people who manipulated the system for personal profit and then forced the people to pay for their greed and mistakes. This debt has no justification and must be collectively disowned. This is accomplished by a collective agreement to pay no taxes at all.

Some amount of revolution is, no doubt, required. Psychopathic vermin which are feeding on the prosperity and strength of the public- both of which are in danger of complete disappearance- will not surrender their top of the food chain, bloodsucking enterprises, without the massed threat of the people demanding their departure, exile or extermination. One cannot tell what an angry mob, finally pushed to extremis, may be capable of but… given our greater compassion, it stands to reason that all of those culpable for the state of existence at this time, should at least be exiled for life to an island from which they cannot leave and where they can be maintained at a basic level of survival and possibly employed in the mundane tasks of taking care of each other. Corporations like BP and Monsanto should be put on trial for crimes against humanity and served up the justice they have, for so long, employed against the populations of the earth. The lands and properties and titles of the royalties and aristocracies must be taken according to a public tax of a high magnitude and leaving them with basic housing and some minor amount of land.

I recognize that these demands have been made and enforced by others in the past, as in the vicious murder and enslavement of tens of millions in the Soviet republics, by the Zionist machine of psychopathic Satanists and we would surely want to avoid this sort of thing. Zionism must be utterly destroyed. Making sure that none of them, or anyone like them, is anywhere near the machinery of revolution in leadership or financing is important and non negotiable.

Can these things be effectively accomplished? I have no idea. Is something of this order necessary? Yes, if you are not willing to be terminally enslaved and tormented for generations. There is no limit to how far this evil machinery will press you and abuse you. It does not stop unless you or some mysterious force causes it to lose its ability to function. The means to achieve this are available and the emergence of a new awareness, combined with the passing away of bankrupt institutions and methodologies is the perfect time. It’s coming anyway. More

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