Saturday, 24 July 2010

Turks hack israeli websites

In what appears the result of the massive wave of cyber attacks against thousands of Israeli websites by turkish hackers following the “Israeli army” assault against the Flotilla the aid ship which left 9 unarmed Turkish citizens dead, Tens of Thousands of email address, passwords and personal details of Israeli web users appears to have been compromised and on the hands of Turkish hackers.

The number of users are around 100,000 according to Israeli blogger Erez Wolf of WE CMS (Hebrew link). Israeli security company However Maglan Research Labs said the number is has increased to 122,000 e-mail, credit card and PayPal account.

Erez blog post ( google translation to English) which was picked up by Israeli business website Globes, said that the hackers managed to obtain gmail, Facebook, MSN and even credit and bank accounts of many of Israelis. Erez also said that he found Excel spreadsheet with more than 32,000 e-mail addresses and passwords published on a Turkish forum including 142 e-mail addresses with an Israeli government suffix ( and 305 addresses with academic suffixes ( And some other belong to high profile Israeli sites Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi , Bank os Israel and Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

However we could not find that forum post nor did Erez posted a link to it.

Shai Blitzblau technology director of Maglan Research Lab told the Globes “We already know about 12,000-13,000 e-mail accounts that have been misused, such as to send malicious code, viruses, and spyware through them without their owners aware of it.” He also said that Israeli hackers have retaliated by attacking around 60 Turkish government websites.

Early last month Turkish hackers have penetrated Facebook accounts of Israeli users, uploading videos and changing users status with anti- Israeli messages. This represent a new form of activism, as we reported on AC social media has been used for political causes from Obama to AlBaradi, to Hamas and by Anti torture activist in Egypt. But in normal cases users themselves rally with their own well to spread or support a cause. But in this case Israelis users on Facebook were forced to spread messages that condemns their own state and ideology and in support of the Palestinian cause. Someone might ask how Jordan’s print and publications law for example would operate, as the law seems to include a facebook & Twitter updates.

The methods that the attackers used seems to be phishing and via Trojan horses.

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