Sunday, 25 April 2010

Paul, aka Saul of Tarsus the Pharisee - A False Apostle, Infiltator, and Subverter

The issue of Saul/Paul is something I have been seriously considering for several years. It has been a difficult process of questioning and re-examination of deeply held beliefs. So it is not something I now write about rashly or flippantly, without consideration or careful study -- but rather soberly, and as respectfully as I can articulate.

Having been brought up in "mainstream Christianity", you are conditioned to believe that the "Bible" is infallible. I understand, therefore, that for a "mainstream Christian" to question the apostleship of Paul seems unthinkable, and even perhaps "blasphemous."

And while it is true that YHWH's word is infallible, we must understand that the "Bible" is a collection of books assembled by men. Catholics and Protestants disagree, for instance, as to what books are canon scripture. The task, then, is to sift truth from error, and determine which writings are those of genuine prophets of YHWH, and which are not.

To any serious truthseeker and one who truly wishes to obey YHWH, I urge you to not immediately reject the possibility of this based on a preconceived beliefs or an emotional response, but rather to stop and examine the issue rationally and logically, as it is of critical importance.

The evidence is overwhelmingly against Paul being a genuine "apostle." This can be conclusively proven from examining the Scriptures, and the writings of Paul himself, for anyone who has "eyes to see" and "ears to hear" -- that is, anyone who cares to use their eyes and hears, and not shut them up in order to perpetuate their preconceived views.

While Paul's writings contain much truth and the appearance of truth, the most sophisticated and dangerous false teaching mixes the truth with lies in this manner. Consider why Yahshua the Messiah would warn his followers so strongly against false prophets and the "leaven" (ie, doctrine) of the Pharisees, saying that many would be deceived, and the deception so strong that almost the "very elect" would be deceived. More

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