Sunday, 25 April 2010


On 7 January 2009, Nick Clegg wrote in The Guardian (Nick Clegg: We must stop arming Israel.):

"The EU is by far Israel's biggest export market...

"It must immediately suspend the proposed new cooperation agreement with Israel until things change in Gaza...

"Brown must also halt Britain's arms exports to Israel, and persuade our EU counterparts to do the same."

Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats are expected to do well in the coming UK election.

Nick Clegg's biggest mistake is to support the war in Afghanistan.

We have criticised Nick Clegg, but it has to be pointed out that he is not as bad as the Zionist David Cameron (Conservative leader) or the Zionist Gordon Brown (Labour leader).

In the coming UK election it is worth voting for the Liberal Democrats in constituencies where the Liberal Democrats are the main opposition to Labour or the Conservatives. More

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