Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Holocaust Fatigue

GERMANY HAS REPLACED CHRISTIANITY with a pernicious cult: “Holocaust religion.” In 1994, the parliament of the defunct “Bundesrepublik Deutschland” (BRD) - the post re-unification Federal Republic of Germany - treasonously mandated imposed Zionist legislation making it a criminal offense to deny or even play down the so-called “Jewish Holocaust.”

Anyone in Germany who publicly denies the propagandistic narrative upon which the terrorist state of Israel was established or questions any one of the many anomalies extant in the doctrine of official “history,” faces a maximum penalty of five years in jail.

Indeed, two German scholars, Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf were illegally abducted from the United States and imprisoned for presenting scientific evidence that a phenomenal hoax called the “Jewish Holocaust” had taken place.

Zundel’s lawyer, Sylvia Stolz, was herself imprisoned for three years in January of 2008 simply for presenting supportive evidence on behalf of her client. British historian David Irving was snatched by police on a private trip to Austria and imprisoned for once having presented verifiable proof that the gas chambers in Auschwitz were constructed as propagandistic museum pieces in late 1948.

Yet hardly anyone mentions the “German Holocaust” which entailed the systematic murder, starvation, and death by typhus of almost 3,500,000 displaced and impoverished German citizens, whose corpses were stacked in the former labor camps of Auschwitz, Belsen and Treblinka - and photographed by the Zionist media as “evidence” of “mass-murdered Jews.”

IN A SPEECH given to the Israeli Knesset on March 19, 2008, Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, reiterated the decades-old reparations doctrine by saying: “Germans are filled with shame over the Jewish holocaust.”

The German media is now reporting that many Germans, particularly young people who no longer believe their teachers, are suffering from “holocaust fatigue” and no longer trust Berlin’s Zionist puppets, such as Angela Merkel, to tell them the truth. Yet even those who are brave enough to commit “heresy” and risk the wrath of the Jewish Inquisition are forced to whisper their dissent using coded language lest thy find themselves in a German Soviet Gulag, such as Mannheim.

Germany under its Zionist controlled leaders has now reached the point in which certain words used in German society will make one highly suspect. In Europe’s dissenting underground community these words are known as “Germany’s forbidden words.” More

Jewish Holocaust of Germans -Revealed

The Jew-Deniers

We hear daily of the alleged dangers of “Holocaust denial.” We read in newspapers the frightful scare-mongering, comparing those who deny “global warming” or 9/11 Truth to “Holocaust deniers.” But I purport that there is one form of denial truly more deadly to the survival of all nations than any other. It is “Jew-denial.”

Holocaust denied



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Goodbye free speech thanks to the Zionazi.

For further information on their agenda, please read the Zionist Protocols written by their founder Theodor Herzl.