Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Jew-Deniers

Holocaust Denial Is One Thing

We hear daily of the alleged dangers of “Holocaust denial.” We read in newspapers the frightful scare-mongering, comparing those who deny “global warming” or 9/11 Truth to “Holocaust deniers.” But I purport that there is one form of denial truly more deadly to the survival of all nations than any other.

It is “Jew-denial.”

Jewish Denial Is Worse

Now you might say, no one denies that Jews exist, that they live among us and have done quite well economically, sometimes honestly and other times dishonestly. This is not what I refer to. “Jew-denial” or a “Jew-denier” is a person, either uninformed or collusive with the overclass, who denies the power of Jews in America and the world, denies that their organized power has been corrosive (and many honest Jews will admit that it is) and denies that Jews are a racial group (their own words) who believe in their right to rule over the Goyim (which means cattle). To deny all these things is only to ignore the words of Jewish leaders and the words of the Jews’ own holy books, the Torah and the Talmud. It is also to jettison mountains of evidence and decades of Jewish political activism.

They Just Don't See The Evil

But the Jew-deniers are everywhere, a ubiquitous dullard or deceptive or deceived (take your pick) band of human beings. The Jew-deniers are in our churches, in our governments, in our schools, in our military, in our White House and in some of our own houses. Now I don’t believe these people should be jailed, imprisoned or fined for swallowing false news or abetting the genocide the Jews are working to bring upon us all, whites and Palestinians alike (the white is the Palestinian of the European sphere), but they should be approached with caution, mainly because a lifetime of brainwashing and hornswoggling can elicit an animalistic reaction when one of these Jew-deniers is smacked in the face with the truth.

They Believe The Con Artists

The Jew-deniers (at least the lay ones) should be pitied rather than stigmatized, though I do exactly that with this article and I deeply apologize for that. But in all seriousness, they need help. They are not mentally ill as the Jews call any person who disagrees with their steamrolling of humanity. The Jew-deniers are misinformed and in need of rescuing from a life of reckless disinfo which the media Jews will be glad to force-feed them on a daily basis forever and ever if they are willing to read the Jew newspapers and watch inane Jew newscasts with reporters who are front men and front women for Big Jewry. These types of medium masteries only perpetuate Jew-denial and breed more little Jew-deniers, persons for whom the thought that Jewry could desire anything but beneficence and ennoblement toward the Gentile herds is a “canard” or a “libel”, either bloody or bloodless, or an “anti-Semitic” screed.

No Denying Israeli Brutality

Present facts, statistics, troubling Israeli massacres, Talmudic quotes, lists of ultra-liberal Jewish wheelers and dealers, anti-Christian political action committees, discombobulating historical accounts that show Jews as they are rather than as how they dress themselves up for the camera, and a Jew-denier and those who are card-carrying members of the Jew-denial movement that numbers in the millions upon millions will spit out one or more replies taken from a prepared list of oodles of Pavlovian conditioned retorts. For the sake of brevity, here are just a select few:

You’re an anti-Semite!

This one is easy to combat because most Jews are not Semites and many non-Jews are. Most Jews are Khazars, Ashkenazi Khazars, so this characterization (anti-Semite) is a real living, breathing canard. Inform the Jew-denier of this reality and recommend Arthur Koestler’s book The Thirteenth Tribe for his/her perusal. Some Jew-deniers are smart, while others don’t read anything more intellectual than Harry Potter novels. If this is the case, a sympathetic and platonic hug may be in order.

Jews are “God’s Chosen People”

If the Jew-denier is someone who believes in God, ask the Jew-denier if God is indeed a racist of the crudest sort (though this is not to say that racism defensively and properly understood is always a negative). If the reply is a reflexive egalitarian ‘no’, and it will be if this person goes to any Zionized, Judaized church in this country, then ask the person if he/she honestly believes that God would have sanctioned the killing of thousands upon thousands of innocent human beings only for the purpose of having the Jews procure their property, vineyards, wives, concubines, etc. Either God is a genocidal maniac or the stories of the Old Testament are Judahite-penned justifications of mass murder.

It’s one or the other. This is not going to wash as an argument if you are talking to a biblical literalist or one of those folks who believes that all Scripture is “God-breathed” and “inerrant.” If the Jew-denier regularly sends financial love gifts to television evangelists, then quietly walk away after shaking the dust from your Reeboks.

Jews are just members of one of the world’s monotheistic religions

Jews identify themselves as a “race”, a “master race” superior to all other races and destined to enslave the world. Jews consider themselves a race, first and foremost. One helpful quote is in order: “The former Israeli Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking to Jewish group in southern California said: ‘If Israel had not come into existence after World War II then I am certain the Jewish race wouldn’t have survived…I stand before you and say you must strengthen your commitment to Israel.’”

Judaism is a racial religion based on blood purity and conquest of the Gentile as ordered by their holy books. This is not conspiracy theory. This is basic Old Testament hermeneutics. I won’t list all the verses here where God tells the “Chosen People” that they are destined to rule the world, but you can find them in your family Bible in books like Deuteronomy and Numbers and present them to any Jew-deniers you happen to run into.


Epidemic Of Giant Proportions

Friends and countrymen, Jew-denial is an epidemic sweeping the world, especially the American portion of it. Our churches are cranking out little Judaized clones right off the conveyor Bible belt, ready to parrot the words of Cyrus Scofield and John Hagee. Our governments are rife with Judeophilic politicians scared to speak out about the Jewish hijacking of our foreign policy. They attack those like Jim Moran, even projecting Protocols of Zion conspiracies onto his temperate and reasonable critiques of AIPAC and the Israel-First-Last-And-Always Lobby. The Jew-denial movement is running wild in the United States! It is ignoring the real issues, which are Jewish dual loyalty or Israel-only loyalty, the Jewish machinations manipulating our currency and economy and the debauching of our culture and the shattering of our borders by galvanized Jews drunk and delirious with political power and ruinous regency.

Shall We Prosecute And Punish

Should we prosecute the Jew-deniers, persecute the Jew-denial movement on the internet, lock up its sycophants, lackeys and philo-Semitic toadies and batter these simpletons in the streets with steel pipes and tire irons? No, there’s no use emulating the Jews.

We Must Deliver The Truth On Denial

We can only curb or put the kibosh on the Jew-denial movement by spreading data far and wide on the web and to anyone who will listen to the straight skinny on Jew supremacism and traitorous Jew antics. The Jew-denial campaign has done quite a bang-up job deceiving and misdirecting the energies of ordinary individuals (acolytes of Jew-deniery) away from their true enemy and their greatest threat, Jewish extremism and onto bogeymen like supposed white supremacists and radical Islamists. Because of the popular front and font of lies and anti-white disempowerment, most people are unaware or too apathetic to even notice the Big Jewry Hidden Hand pouring our liberties and our freedoms straight down the Talmudic drain.

To paraphrase the son of a rabbi and the creator of Communism, Karl Marx “Jew-recognizers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your high interest rates!” Source

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