Monday, 15 July 2013

Is Obama Trying to Start Israel-Syria War?

Is the Obama administration trying to start a war between Israel and Syria? Because intentionally or not, it’s certainly doing its darnedest to provoke one.

This weekend, three anonymous American officials told CNN that Israel was behind an explosion in the Syrian port of Latakia on July 5. The explosion, they said, resulted from an airstrike targeting Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles. If this report is true, this is the second time U.S. officials have blown Israel’s cover in Syria: They also told the media that a mysterious explosion in Syria this April was Israel’s work, even as Israel was scrupulously keeping mum–just as it did about the Latakia incident.

This isn’t a minor issue, as anyone who knows anything about the Middle East knows: In a region where preserving face is considered crucial, publicly humiliating Syrian President Bashar Assad is the surest way to make him feel he has no choice but to respond, even though war with Israel is the last thing he needs while embroiled in a civil war at home.

This truth was amply demonstrated in April, after three airstrikes attributed to Israel hit Syria within a few weeks. After the first two, Israel kept mum while Assad blamed the rebels; face was preserved, and everyone was happy. But then, the Obama administration told the media that Israel was behind the second strike–and when the third strike hit two days later, Assad could no longer ignore it: He vociferously threatened retaliation should Israel dare strike again.

The Latakia attack also initially adhered to Israel’s time-tested method for avoiding retaliation: Israel kept mum, Assad blamed the rebels, face was preserved, and everyone was happy. But the Obama administration apparently couldn’t stand it–and a week later, it once again leaked claims of Israeli responsibility to the media.

At best, this means the administration simply didn’t understand the potential consequences, demonstrating an appalling ignorance of Middle East realities. A worse possibility is that it deliberately placed its own political advantage above the safety of Israeli citizens: Facing increasing criticism for its inaction in Syria, but reluctant to significantly increase its own involvement and unable even to secure congressional approval for the limited steps it has approved, perhaps it hoped revealing that at least an American ally was doing something would ease the political heat–even at the cost of provoking a Syrian retaliation that claims Israeli lives.

The worst possibility of all, however, is that the administration knows exactly what it’s doing, and is deliberately trying to spark an Israeli-Syrian war as a way out of its own dilemma: It wants Assad gone, but doesn’t want to do the work itself. Starting an Israeli-Syrian war would force Israel to destroy Assad’s air force, thereby greatly increasing the chances of a rebel victory.

Whatever the truth, these leaks damage American as well as Israeli interests, because one of Washington’s consistent demands of its ally is that Israel not surprise it with military action. Hitherto, Israel has honored that request: Though it doesn’t seek America’s permission for action it deems essential, it does scrupulously provide advance notice. But if Obama administration officials can’t be trusted to keep their mouths shut, Israel will have to rethink this policy: It can’t risk getting embroiled in a war with Syria just to ease Obama’s political problems.


Anonymous said...

Israel does False Flags then blames their enemies and then cons the United States into attacking the framed aggressor. Israel did 911 and blamed Muslims and the rest is history. Israel will do the same thing to Syria and Iran. Even if Israel can't get it accomplished with Obama they will wait until they can buy the next presidency and stick a stooge like Ted Cruz in the white house. That is how Israel rolls.

Anonymous said...

Israel is evil and they have their Zionist controlled media lie for them to the Americans. Jewess scum Debbie Waaserman went on CNN and stated The United States needed to bomb Syria for the children of Syria and that is a crock of sh&t from a liar and a child killer jewess. What about the white phosphorous in the Gaza strip Debbie. How dare you lie to the American public do that their children are sent to be killed in wars so you and your precious Israel benefit. By way of deception Debbie Wasserman Schultz will wage war on innocent Syrians and Americans.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey Graham and John McCain are also lying and work for the war mongering AIPAC lobby. They lie to the Americans like Satan the devil and they tell the people of America that Syrian president Assad is using Sarin gas on children in Syria and then they falsify pictures and put them on the nightly news. Israel won't stop until they have the entire Mideast destroyed by proxy. Then they will blame the dumb Americans for all their horrible evii. Unless the Americans hurry up and get a clue and hold Israel accountable for 911 and false flags in Syria.

Anonymous said...

Israel has leeched over a trillion dollars off America and Israel has holocausted Palestine. Israel wants Syria to bomb Syria even though Israel is behind the Americans financing the terrorists in Syria. Psychos who are warmongers.

Anonymous said...

The warmongers in Israel and America will not stop until the Mideast is done. All young people in Iran Syria and America the eight year olds will die tomorrow because of the war mongering Republicans and Zionist in congress who start wars and will continue to do so in many years to come. They will never ask for UN permission they will just get all of the upcoming generation killed in their wars. The children of today will die in Iran deserts tomorrow because of the Republican party and Zionists.

Anonymous said...

Republicans are murderers and they are but kissers of Zionist and they are child killers and they won't be happy to all American children have died for their Zionist dream of world domination.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey Graham and John McCain are pathological liars and disgusting pigs.

Anonymous said...

Senator Benjamin Caroin is a liar and he is lying on MSNBC and he is a disgusting liar. Every few years they are overthrowing Mideast governments with total lies. Let's put Boots On The Ground Of the Congress. Use Congress to fight for the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

The Republican party are murderers and they should be tried for war crimes and they are lying to the American public. Nothing can stop there war mongering and they are a danger to the entire world existence.

Anonymous said...

President Putin please save the world from this terror. The Republicans and Zionist are the terrorist of the world.

Anonymous said...

The Americans who don't want war need the help of the world to stop the warmongers in the government. We need the help of everyone. We can't stop the warmongers no matter how hard we try. They won't stop. HELP US as this country wants the terror of the US Republicans and Zionist and their AIPAC lobby to stop before they kill everyone.

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