Saturday 8 May 2010

Dimitri Khalezov's Nuclear Demolition Videos Being Scrubbed Off Web!

On March 15, 2010 Having watched all 26 videos by Dimitri Khalezov, I posted them here @ Facts Not Fairies. There was a total silence from the the '9/11 Truthers' on these most amazing videos - except for a few forums here and there. Youtube has since censored these videos and are being censored throughout the web. Dimitri Khalezov websites have also been taken down. Now is your chance to watch, download, upload these videos and spread the truth.

Here's the deal. Somebody is busy trying to remove all videos about Dimitri Khalezov's nuclear demoltion theory out of existence on the Internet. At the end of this article I'm going to list all the pages that show this censorship. I feel that Dimitri's theory is the best one because it fits ALL the evidence. He also wrote a book on the entire thing which I want to read also. This type of scrubbing never happened with the Nano Thermite theory. I still believe nano thermite could have been used because something melted a lot of steel before the 150kT nuclear demolotion charges were blown in all 3 buildings. I will cover this first and then give you links where you can see all the videos being scrubbed off the web. Please post links to this article on your facebook walls so we can get people to be aware of Dimitri's excellent research on this.

Why I believe nuclear demolition fits all the evidence we know about.

They didn't call it "ground zero" for nothing! Before 911, ground zero only meant the area below or above a nuclear detonation, after 911, they changed some of the dictionaries to say it was also the place where terrorists attacked the trade centers. It's all mind control.

Dimitri Khalezov has been an expert in nuclear demolition for many years and has an incredible amount of proof that the buildings were taken down by underground micro nuclear demolition charges! I've posted some links to other material such as the melted cars that could have only been done by EMP type effects caused by a nuclear bomb since there was no jet fuel burning at ground level AND some of these cars were missing engine blocks! They were totally melted! How do you melt an engine block when no fire was burning at ground level - many of these cars were 7 blocks away! They were never explained in any way. Also it was never explained why Tritium levels were 55 times more than normal at ground zero. And of course we have ALL the strange cancers from first responders and many of them have died. They were forced to wear "air quality" badges which Dimitri says were really just radiation detectors in disguise so they could monitor everybody's exposure and pull people out of the hot zones for a while when their badges reported higher radiation. Easy to lie to everybody and tell them the badge is to monitor air quality. That is pure garbage if you think about it. There is not going to be that much difference in "air quality around such a relatively small area anyway.

Dimitri even said that in the 70's he was told that the Americans had authorized the twin towers to be taken down at the end of their lifetimes with small nuclear demolition charges! I did some research and it was true! It was determined that only a nuclear demolition charge could safely bring down both Towers and Building 7 because of their construction. Here's some good information on nuclear demolition

This web site hosts temporary download links to all 26 parts of a famous video interview that was removed from the YouTube and from all other video hostings

This web site hosts temporary download links to all 26 parts of a famous video interview that was removed from the YouTube and from all other video hostings.
Please, note that these links may not last long! The ‘Big Brother’ is extremely unhappy with this video. Hurry up to get these files before they are removed from the!
Everyone is encouraged to promptly download these video files and to re-distribute them as freely as he wishes – eg. by re-uploading them to the Internet sharing services (such as , and similar) and giving downloading links to others, by creating torrent downloads, by giving actual physical files to his or her friends, by making DVDs, etc. No modifying original contents of the videos is allowed, though.
You are strongly discouraged from re-distributing the original download links that are shown below, because publishing them everywhere in the Internet would only lead to their quick demise. Try, instead, to download these videos and to re-upload them elsewhere and only then – distribute links to the secondary destinations.
It would be also advisable to re-name the files before hosting them elsewhere and not using any personal names in the file-names – you might name them simply as ‘part01’, ‘part02’, or something similar. It would greatly complicate the ‘Big Brother’s’ work to trace and remove these files quickly.
Any suggestions could be sent to this e-mail address: links[a] (where [a] stands for ‘@’)
Here are the current download links. These are the latest improved versions of the files – in mp4 format. Each file is around ~33-36 Mb in size. MD5 checksums for each file are included. In addition, there are 2 archives with important reference files used in the video and pre-9/11 ‘ground zero’ definitions + a hash calculator for checksums verification. Each archive is less than 3 Mb. Hurry up to get them before they are removed again:
Part 01 - MD5: 7D8D655BC576CF24589E8B0A455C3B82
Part 02 - MD5: ECAFFEF32DDE832BF94DD920AC94790B
Part 03 - MD5: FDA77172872F66E53C936F29170097EB
Part 04 - MD5: 3F8F554FA16AA229FD3A01C4B570AE64
Part 05 - MD5: EC3051E8ED5345252D5C821D1853EB74
Part 06 - MD5: 7D66E109CAB6AD08EEA2D13BAA09A085
Part 07 - MD5: 221A0DF03C52F4D21FCE3740910A2E72
Part 08 - MD5: 4ADB389E3987541D8A784B2527A8BA5A
Part 09 - MD5: 6BCCA5B2D7F1D3114493E61BAD23CBD0
Part 10 - MD5: 60FFF4D888DD3BEC54800785AE2B49B3
Part 11 - MD5: CA0B03A4311ADA72F7139881CC0B36A6
Part 12 - MD5: 46457BAE9F73209B0B06F79F0FB7BACA
Part 13 - MD5: D702A7F72689BA6ED0C5C697C33907CD
Part 14 - MD5: ADAF676D1EE7B5177501957D8164221E
Part 15 - MD5: 2B0A274A6FDDD738DD45B044FA67E5F7
Part 16 - MD5: 4E1B91CE9764C61AF4A241D474138661
Part 17 - MD5: 29553859CA45836F6666C6619D9F5750
Part 18 - MD5: E3FF4396FB7A2B5D5978879598A693BF
Part 19 - MD5: 9C18A13E41EA802EC1DF0D665E3221F1
Part 20 - MD5: DCC616306EA7706E6011CA11484DCF8E
Part 21 - MD5: 510948407CE9D625E7ACE1BCE736707C
Part 22 - MD5: E0B006444DB3EC1E1C3B3E4335F26FBC
Part 23 - MD5: 000C8A13687E811E0B54532DD7FA45C8
Part 24 - MD5: EB25E6095AF3463CA2E7602CF6634ED0
Part 25 - MD5: 7ED6012E91C695E1A1A1B5FBE030EC20
Part 26 - MD5: 2F5A4AE9C2AF62F9C04FFEB82672501E
Optional reference files used in the videos: MD5: CEAE2DB9BAA0DC84AE7ADB81C97D6DA8
Optional pre-9/11 dictionaries 'ground zero' definitions: MD5: B245514A10D3E8E9AF04C6321E9138C7
Hash-calculator (for MD5 checksums verification): MD5: F9A4AAC0421D52D4C4E5F1C59C4362E0

Can you believe that? Here I find out that the original PLAN for the trade towers was to take them down by nuclear demolition charges and nobody in our government or press reported this! Of course they didn't want that information reported because people would start putting the pieces together. The Russians knew it because they were informed of it in the 70s. Dimitri even remembers everybody getting a good laugh at the crazy Americans plan to destroy a skyscraper with a nuclear demolition charge when he was a young man working in the field. Apparently the Sears tower in Chicago also will be taken down by a 150
Kt nuclear demolition charge at the end of its life also. If you ever see that one fall down by after a bombing or airplane and it comes down all nice and neat you can be sure that a demolition nuke brought that down too because the experts concluded that only a nuclear demolition charge could do it properly.

Information about Melted Cars many blocks away from Ground Zero
This was not caused by Jet Fuel! There was no jet fuel even on the ground. Some of these melted cars were 7 blocks away from the buildings! There was no fire anywhere near these vehicles and jet fuel can't melt engine blocks anyway! Only an EMP from a nuclear detonation or a energy weapon can do this. There is no other explanation of all the melted cars. But those cars weren't mentioned in the report either!

Video on Melted Cars

Video on Melted Cars

Here are links to Dimitri's Videos That have been scrubbed clean!
(this one shows as there but doesn't work)


Anonymous said...

That's the problem of 1980's Jew immigration under Reagan,no failsafe.

No internet way back then in the 60's either.

Rachel said...

Who has time to watch 26 videos? I am not trying to be cynical, but with the economy collapsing and a million times going on at the same time, 26 times 10 minutes -- na, thanks.

It might have been smarter to sum up his theory, and tell us how it deals with other theories that are out there, like Dr Judy Wood's.

w said...

Rachel said...

'It might have been smarter to sum up his theory.'

Do you want me too cook you dinner too?

'Who has time to watch 26 videos?'

Everybody except the Zionist pigs who want the truth hidden away from us! Learn to speak for yourself. I personally watched them 3 times and enjoyed it

Anonymous said...

Dimitri Khalezov's book now available at

Unknown said...

It's like Henry Makow said, This nuclear bomb theory is a plant by the enemy to discredit the true happenings on 9/11. To discredit the hijacked aircraft being the mechenism of destruction. Don't spread this trash. The fact is our own government did 9/11, with aircraft.

Anonymous said...

randall is a shill. henry makow agrees with khalezov's theory and no planes were used

Anonymous said...

If there were melted cars 7 blocks away; why didn't people receive radiation burns? What about other material damage? Come on people. These theories are nuts. You can convolute whatever you see in many ways, and make it seem like you have the facts. This is a fairy tale


Anonymous said...

Take a look a this picture of ground zero,

Anonymous said...

Ok,so I started to watch the clips and I have a question for those who've watched it as well. He explains how the bomb is underneath the towers, which creates a hole, in which the towers can fall into (as they're being pulverized). How important is that hole? Because at a later point, he explains how the center of the blast is offset. By his illustrations, that hole would work for the drop that well anymore. How do you guys explain that?

But I don't buy the fake plane theory. They would have to insert a composited plane effect and then play back that fake footage precisely in sync so that the explosion happens in real life and in the footage at the same time? And how would people who were there not come forward and say that there were no planes?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant:

"... that hole WOULDN'T work..."

Anonymous said...

As cool as this theory is... it doesn't stand up to video evidence. The buildings were not dust until they were crushed floor by floor.

In no video do we see the building evaporate... it is exploded floor by floor from the crash point down... and the floors above the crashes eventually turn to dust as well.

The buildings are most obviously still solid in every video. WTC7 is a great example in that it was covered in glass which continued to stay intact and reflect light as the building began to fall... it was not turned into dust and then fell.. Oh and it had a pile of rubble... unlike what is said in the video above.

Anonymous said...

If this is all bullshit how come the interviewer was SUICIDED by A HEART ATTACK after conducting the interview? Wake Up people!

Anthony said...

Dimitri Khalezov's explanation of 911 is BY FAR the best, most detailed and most logical.

I created an edited a version of his original 4.5 hour interview and split it into 2 parts (2 hours each):

Part 1

Part 2

Edits: I sped the video up by 20%, changed the background music, increased the volume, added ~10 minutes of support material including Donald Rumsfeld claim that he never heard of WTC7 and a short interview with the helicopter pilot that filmed the Nose Out sequence, added proof that 10% of rescue workers are indeed sick/dead.


Does Dimitri Khalezov OWN the copyright to the videos? Or, does the organization which interviewed him own the copyright? Someone has overlaid a "resist" logo on what was presumably the logo of a broadcaster. If Dimitri Khalezov does NOT OWN the copyright in these videos, yes, they can easily and quickly be taken down, just like CBC, CNN, NBC and other broadcasters' materials can be taken down by web hosts who do not themselves want to be held responsible for unlawful re-broadcast of materials uploaded by people who have not got permission.

Mr. Dimitri Khalezov should publicly DECLARE that he owns the copyright and that he AUTHORIZES the redistribution without fees or royalties.

HCC said...

Thank you for posting links to the videos. The zips are all gone. I tried to download the embedded ones with StreamTransport and HiDownload, but only succeeded in getting doubles of some and none of others. Also, this mode provides no file names, hard to reconstruct. Would you kindly re-upload the zips in proper sequence to:, FREE and won't expire until 60 days after last time a file is clicked. I've had my free account for a couple of years. You may have less trouble with them, I store videos without any problems. Thank you.

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