Thursday 6 November 2008

We Need an Authentic Anti-Zionist Presidential Candidate for 2012

For a long time now, I have been calling for the Anti-Zionist Movement to offer the American People an authentic anti-Zionist presidential candidate and a serious anti-Zionist political agenda. Had my advice been heeded, we would be in an ideal situation today to make inroads into the political process.

For example, World Jewry has spit in the faces of Americans and openly stolen what will amount to trillions of dollars from the American taxpayer and his descendants. Both the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees have sponsored this theft and acted on behalf of the Jewish bankers to mislead the American People into believing that this monumental crime is done in their best interests. Both of these traitors are stage managed by radical Zionist Jews and both are funded by World Jewry and its financiers. These scandals are more than enough to wake the American People up and have them clamoring for a political party which represents their interests.

The American People are ready for an anti-Zionist to step forward and take the Presidency of the United States of America away from the Israelis, and then begin to fight back against the murderous and ruinous Jewish war on America. Simply throwing an anti-Zionist hat in the ring will provide contrast to, and focus attention on, the tall pile of yarmulkas stacked up behind Israel and AIPAC as the Israel-first traitors line up to defend Israel against the best interests of America. If the Americans want change, real change can only come from an authentic anti-Zionist candidate, because we are under attack from an enemy that has infected our nation with a fifth column of Israeli agents and a Jewish fourth estate that is demoralizing and propagandizing our People with a self-destructive pro-Israel agenda and which today completely controls our political process and public debate.

It is important to start now so as to define the President from the beginning as the Israeli puppet he already is. It is vital to begin immediately so that each and every action the new traitorous President takes will be seen in the clean sunshine of the truth and no strangling shadow of lies will fall on the glorious ground of the new America to come without the light finding the silhouette of darkness and perishing it to the day. Let there be no cover of silence for the traitors, and no control of the debate by the Jewish media by our absence from the arena.

A strong voice will find its way through Jewry's treacherous and confusing clouds and with lightning and thunder shake the American People to consciousness of the evil nature and vile actions of the enemy. The veil of Jewish power is thin and flammable. One spark will wash it away with a rush of flame that will ignite a blaze across the World which will revenge Dresden, revenge the Ukraine, revenge Russia, Germany and Armenia, revenge Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, revenge Europe and Asia, Africa and the Americas, revenge us all for the 2,500 years of dark death, war and cannibalism which the Jews have sown like maggots strewn on the garden of the Earth to feed on God's greatest creation, the magnificent human being.

But we must also build. The remedy to our problems is also the nourishment for our growth. Taking back control of our money and taking back our stolen wealth will provide the financial capital we need to grease the industrial capital of our nation. Taking back our educational institutions from dogmatic and deceitful Jews will free up American creativity to solve our political and social problems, to grow our industries and cure the disease Jewry has caused us through corrupted Jewish Capitalism and Jewish control of our medical and legal systems. Taking back our media from the Jews will enable us to restore pride and decency to America and make the public discourse productive and positive as well as wholesomely educational. Fighting back against World Jewry will win us back goodwill from the rest of the World and open their markets to our goods and services. Resuscitating the American dream will end the Jewish messianic nightmare which is enshrouding the Globe with a choking and deadly stink. If we pull out the weed from the root, we will find an empty cup where we can replant the garden of life and cleanse away the toxic fumes of 2,500 years of the Jewish war on the human race, which has often burned the best and scorched the rest.

It is critical that we enter the public debate with a serious candidate who can counter the otherwise uninterrupted Jewish lies, and offer real solutions and alternatives to Jewish nihilism, Jewish Capitalism and Jewish Bolshevism. Do not let it appear that there are no alternative views, by failing to provide them. Do not let it appear that there are no alternative voices, by failing to raise them. Stand up and lead the way, and the World will follow you as a disciplined Army to smite the enemy of humanity.

The Star of David is made of impure and fractured glass. One hammer will suffice to shatter it and with it the illusory shackles that enslave us. Jewish power is composed of smoke and lies. One strong voice will blow it away.

Let the American People taste just one breath of pure air and they will revile the poisonous winds of World Jewry who whisper always death and war.


Anonymous said...

The Jews take a black man out of obscurity but Americans have not yet managed to remove Jewish panto from their goverment...

w said...

Anonymous said...

The Jews take a black man out of obscurity but Americans have not yet managed to remove Jewish panto from their goverment...

07 November 2008 15:06

Well said!