Saturday 15 November 2008

Thousands of Ecstasy pills seized in synagogues

Drugs found in ceiling, bathroom of local synagogues; police say dealers planned to sell pills at upcoming party

Some 6,000 Ecstasy pills were seized Friday during a police raid on two synagogues in Rishon Lezion's Shikun Hamizrach neighborhood.

Local police, who were tipped off about the drugs a few days ago, found 3,000 Ecstasy pills and a pistol concealed in the ceiling of a synagogue on Shivtei Yisrael Street.

An additional 3,000 pills were found in the bathroom of another synagogue located nearby.

Investigators said the drug dealers, who are still at large, apparently planned to sell the pills at a party that was scheduled to be held in the coming days.,7340,L-3623242,00.html

15 soldiers arrested on drug charges

Military Police arrest six Kfir Brigade, nine Artillery Corps combatants for drug use. 'It's too early to call it a trend, but the arrests are definitely a cause for concern,' says military source

Fifteen IDF soldiers serving in two different combat units were arrested in the past few days on drug charges, Ynet learned Thursday.

Six of the troops, who serve in the Shimshon Regiment, which is under the command of the Infantry Corps' Kfir Brigade, are suspected of using drugs while stationed at a post near the West Bank settlement of Kedumin.

Nine other soldiers serve in the Artillery Corps' Reshef Regiment. No direct link has been found between the two cases.

According to sources in the Military Police, the case began with the arrest of a Shimshon Regiment soldier on drug charges. He reported drug use among other soldiers in his unit. Five arrests were made as a result and the Military Police suspects the soldiers involves smoked marijuana in at least 15 occasions.

The drugs, claimed the Military Prosecution, were consumed while the soldiers were on active duty.

All of the Shimshon Regiment soldiers implicated in the case have denied the allegations.

While investigating the Shimshon case, the Military Police received intelligence indicating similar drug use among combatants in the Reshef Regiment.

The nine soldiers arrested in the case have been remanded pending a hearing scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

"It's too early to call this a new trend, but it is definitely a cause for concern, when soldiers become so unbridled," said a military source familiar with both cases.

"The most disconcerting fact is the levity demonstrated by the soldiers, and the complete disregard for the consequences. The military will see this thing through and those found guilty will be severely punished," added the source.

The IDF Spokesman's Unit released the following statement: "The case is still under Military Police investigation. Once the investigation is concluded, its finding will be turned over to the Judge Advocate General's Office for further deliberation.

"The IDF condemns drug use and is working to overcome this phenomenon both through education and through law enforcement operations, as preformed by the Military Police.",7340,L-3622672,00.html

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