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Hitler's Jewish Police

Most feared Nazis were Hitler's Jewish Police

The Ordenienst, or Jewish police in Westerbork, were universally detested by camp inmates for their cruelty and role in collaborating with the Nazis. Composed of Jews from Holland and other European countries, members of the OD were responsible for guarding the punishment block and generally maintaining order in the camp. The OD consisting of 20 men in mid-1942, grew to a peak of 182 men in April 1943 and stood at 67 in February 1944. Wearing the "OD" badge on the left breast was decreed in Camp Order No. 27 of 23 April 1943.
Photo credit: Rijksinstituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives

From: 'A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust' @


Brutal Jewish Police in Nazi occupied Poland posing with German soldiers.

Jews feared more their own police than the German Gestapo

More Cruel Jewish Nazi Police




If Jew Hitler hated the Jews so much in the (Jew Rothschild's) Second World War, why would the Jews be allowed to carry out Police duties in the "Concentration Camps"?

Isn't it odd that Hitler and his Nazis put their trust in the very Jews who wanted to wipe Germany off the map?

"The fight against Germany has been carried out for months by every Jewish community, conference, trade organisation, by every Jew in the world . . . we shall let loose a spiritual and a material war of the whole world against Germany." --January 1934 Jabotinsky

Nazis trusting the Jews who not only boycotted German goods but also were first to declare holy War on Hitler's Germany back in 1933? ("World Jewry (Judea) declares war on Germany in 1933". )


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