Wednesday, 23 April 2008

An 'Anti-Semitic' Jew

IT’S TOUGH BEING CALLED an “Anti Semite” - especially I, a former Jew, who is now an Orthodox Christian. How did it happen to me?

Perhaps it goes back to my Jewish childhood. Having been raised in Judaism, I got to know Jews “up close.” The Gentile world will never see the Jews “up close.” Jews will never allow that. For behind closed doors, the Jews have a much different face than what they present to the general “goyisha” public.

Judaism behind closed doors is a bunch of Jews who look down upon the “goyim” as being stupider and culturally inferior. Lots of arrogance going on behind those Jewish closed doors. And what’s more, a Gentile who converts to Judaism is always looked upon as a 2nd class citizen. Why? Because it’s a matter of Jewish blood that counts. “Gentile blood” is looked upon by Jews as defective.

Now I am a grown adult and an Orthodox Christian. I have known about the “Jewish agenda” to destroy Christianity for a long time but have held my peace. I would think to myself, “If I, being a former Jew should expose the Jews, they will either kill me or label me an ‘Anti Semite.’” Well, they haven’t killed me yet. But they are calling me all kinds of names, including the biggee, “Anti Semite!”

JEWS CAN SAY all kinds of derogatory things about the Gentiles whom they label, the “Christian right,” or the “bigoted French,” or the “nationalist Serbs.” But one little itsy-bitsy criticism of the Jews then look out! - You’re an “Anti Semite” and deserving of Jail Time! (They did it to the reputable historians, David Irving & Ernst Zündel, didn’t they?)

Indeed, just say anything about the Jews and its called “Hate Speech.” If you say anything about the “Christian Right” the Jews call it, “preserving America from fascism!” Yet if it wasn’t for the Christians, the Jews would never have had a Christian America to flee to in the 1800 and 1900s. But Jews are loyal to themselves - not nations that host them.

Quite frankly, there is nothing really “Semitic” about the Jews or about myself either. Most Jews throughout the Western world and in Palestine are descendants of the Khazars Here & Here.

And any resemblance between modern day Jews and “Semites” like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is like comparing Chinamen to Swedes! Look at us: we’re rather pale, balding, and very “non-Mediterranean” looking. The true “Semites” are Arabs, not Jews.

WHO THEN ARE the real Anti Semites? Jews are the real Anti Semites!

Just look at how they treat the Arabs in that glorious land of Zion called the State Of Israel! Why they tear out Arab organs from their corpses and sell them Here. They throw US made cluster bombes on Arab children. And they stop the fuel and water supplies flowing to Arab households. Now that’s pretty “Anti Semitic” if you ask me!

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