Saturday 12 January 2008

Simon Wisenthal's Faked Holocaust Memoirs

One of the world's most famous Holocaust survivors is the Austrian Jew, Simon Wiesenthal, who, after being interned at the Mauthausen concentration camp during the war, devoted his life to hunting ex-Nazis the world over. Wiesenthal also has an organization, devoted to Jewish interests and promoting the mass extermination propaganda, named after him.

Yet it is a little known fact that Wiesenthal's own personal Holocaust memoirs, entitled "KZ Mauthausen, Bild und Wort" (Concentration Camp Mauthausen - pictures and words) which was published in 1946, contains one of the most blatant forgeries of all Holocaust memoirs.

Wiesenthal illustrated his book with drawings which he allegedly did either while in Mauthausen or from memory thereafter, and one of the more famous pictures from his book is of three Jews, in their striped prisoner outfits, who had been shot at the stake by the Nazis. (reproduced below).

The title page of Nazi Hunter and Holocaust survivor Simon Wiesenthal's Holocaust memoirs, 'KZ Mauthausen Bild und Wort'

Illustration of three Jews, shot by Nazis at the stake, as signed by Wiesenthal

(his signature in the bottom left hand corner)

and purporting to be a scene in the Mauthausen camp.


Although Wiesenthal alleged in his book that the drawing of the three shot Jews occurred in Mauthausen, the truth is that he plagiarized this picture from a series of photographs which appeared in the Life magazine of June 1945.

The series of photographs were of German soldiers, captured during the 'Battle of the Bulge" wearing American uniforms, and executed by firing squad as allowed by the Geneva Convention. Wiesenthal copied his picture of "three shot Jews" from a Life photo essay which showed three Germans being shot by Americans!

Below is the full set of pictures from the Life Magazine of June 1945, along with that magazine's cover. Note the three photographs on the third inside page reproduced below.

Below are the photographs of the three shot Germans, from the above last page of Life Magazine, put side by side, and under that, Wiesenthal's "Mauthausen execution" drawing once again: a comparison of the two can leave no doubt as to where this world famous "Nazi hunter" stole this image for his "memoirs."


Anonymous said...

whoever you are you are out of your mind for even posting something like this
I guess it's a free country but the amount of hate you have that you have actually dedicated a whole page to simon wisenthal
you should be ashamed of yourself

Anonymous said...

I guess he hadn't anticipated computers and the internet.

Anonymous said...

excellent work! Hopefully people will begin to see through the lies and propaganda.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that you visit one of the Museums of Tolerance in your city. then you will see for yourself what the truth really is.In Germany it is a felony to deny the Holocaust! Even the country who's own people stood by and watched as Hitler and his band of murderers killed 6,000,000 Jews as well as 6,000,000 others, recognizes the authenticity of these events. Do you really think that the German government would allow lies to continue to go on? Shame on you and shame on your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Do you really think that the German government would allow lies to continue to go on? Shame on you and shame on your ignorance."

I guess we all must idealize Germany as our standard of excellenece now. Deutschland Uber Alles!

Anonymous said...

Just that it's illegal to question the Holocaust means it's a lie. What other historical event is it illegal to question? The fact that they made it illegal to question the Holocaust just shows how much our world has been corrupted by Zionists.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing on here that suggests the author of this article is denying the holocaust. All he is saying is that Simon Wiesenthal took three photos, doctored them up in his painting and cited the work as his own. He made up that picture by twisting around the truth and making it his own.

If Wiesenthal lied about this, what else has he lied about? And why should anyone be ashamed for pointing this out? If anyone should be ashamed, it should be Simon Wiesenthal.

Rachel said...

"Do you really think that the German government would allow lies to continue to go on?"

Oh yes.

The German government refuses to open archives. Currently, journalist Gaby Weber is trying to get access to the Eichmann files -- which our gov refuses. Why? To protect whom? Holocaust revisionists get punished brutally in our society, why? Truth does not fear investigation.

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