Wednesday 21 November 2007

Ehud Olmert - Rapist?

The belief is that like Sharon before him, PM Ehud Olmert is selling out Israel because of financial crimes. In fact, he is being used by the Bush/Rice gang preparing for the Annapolis Conference under the threat of being charged with crimes far more understandable to the public. We speak of sexual molestation and rape.

Something made Olmert's family highly dysfunctional. Of three children, one is a lesbian, one is homosexual. Of the remainder, his wife hugs the highest enemies of Israel, while the third son refused to serve in the army and wastes his life organizing other army dropouts. We add, both sons abandoned their father and live in New York and Paris.

It is not easy living with a rapist father.

Olmert watched as his number two in the Kadima Party, Shimon Peres, gained the presidency on the back of a rigged criminal investigation of then-President Katzav. We know Katzav was a petty cad, but the police used faulty evidence to make him a rapist. However, Olmert learned from Katsav that life comes to a humiliating end when just charged with rape. Imagine the effect of actually committing the crime!

I received this letter from a former employee of the Jerusalem municipality when Olmert was mayor of the city:


"I met recently at the Kotel a friend, a building contractor born in France, responsible in the Building Department in the Municipality of Jerusalem. He told me that at least 4 women working for the Municipality are complaining that the former Mayor of Jerusalem Ehud Olmert ( 1993-2003 ) abused them sexually and even tried to rape them.

They do not have the courage to complain to the police because they are afraid of losing their job. Also a PM can be much more nasty than someone with a symbolic function like President Katsav.

I worked myself for the Municipality of Jerusalem in the Public Health Department and everybody I asked told me these rumours are founded. Ehud Olmert likes young women."

I told the writer I had to know the name of a victim. He replied:


"I know one of the women who was sexually assaulted, probably raped, by Olmert when he was Mayor. Her name is Rivka Cohen. Everybody was speaking

about her because her husband wanted to divorce her. I remember she was forced

to resign because she talked too much. The other women who kept quiet are

still working for the municipality."

Finally, I asked to used his name, or at he supply the name of a municipal worker who could verify the claims.


"I met Rivka Cohen only once. When I left the Public Health Services of the Municipality of Jerusalem for The Ministry of Health I had to sign all the papers and give my magnetic card. Rivka Cohen was working for Koach Adam and looked very beautiful and sad. So I signed all the documents for her and she wished me good luck.

Almost 10 years after I met at the Kotel this Building contractor born in France called Arik Shishpartish.

So, he told me he has new info about Olmert, that everybody knows he loves very young women, abused them, and I asked him if he has pictures or names. So he told me what happened to Rivka Cohen because she talked too much. If you want to write my name as a source you can write Chaim Miller. Please do not use my real name. I do not want to be fired. I can give you the number

of Arik Shishpartish."

I offer my readers a chance to be brave. Translate this article into Hebrew.

Send it to all Israel beginning with the media. Find Rivka Cohen and Arik Shishpartish. Make them talk. It's our last chance people. Expose Olmert before he destroys our nation at Annapolis.


By Barry Chamish

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