Saturday, 1 April 2006

Fake Holocausts

Under Construction

The Holocaust before It Happened

1933: The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany

Simon Wisenthal's Faked Holocaust Memoirs

The Anne Frank Diary Fraud

Fake Shoah Memoir Threatens Holocaust Industry

Treblinka was No Extermination Camp

Zyklon-B test on humans

Almanacs Never Lie Jews Do

Real Horrors, Phony Claims

More Holocaust Lies

The True Story of Snow White in Auschwitz

On the Final Solution:

Hitler's secret Jewish girlfriend

Hitler's Jewish Doctor

Hitler's Jewish solicitor

Hitler Loved Jewish Tunes

Jewish works found in Hitler's personal record collection

Jews in the Nazi Military

150 000 Jews in Hitler's Army

Thousands of Hitler's soldiers were of Jewish Descent

Did Adolf Hitler draw Disney characters?

Zionism and the Holocaust

Nazis in Israel

Real Holocausts:

Jewish Rule

Rothschilds, Oil, And The Armenian Holocaust

Perpetrators of the holocaust against Christian Russia transform themselves into "survivors" of "the Holocaust"

The Zionist Jewish Role In Causing World War II

Jewish Holocaust of Germans -Revealed

Lessons From History

The only neo-Nazi state in the world today is the one built by 'survivors of the Holocaust'

Other Historic Lies:

Jewish 'Peoplehood' An Epic Fabrication?

An Invention Called 'The Jewish People'

Masada – Another Jewish fairy tale

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