Sunday, 14 July 2013

Settler sprays 'slaughter Jews' on own car

Young Jewish man admits to police he staged 'Arab price tag' act to 'raise awareness'

A young Jewish man was arrested overnight Friday for staging an 'Arab price tag' act on his own vehicle.

The 22 year old, who resides in a settlement near Jerusalem and was visiting family in the capital's Kiryat Moshe neighborhood, called the police a little after midnight and told the dispatcher that someone had spray-painted the phrase "Itbah al-Yahud" ("slaughter the Jews" in Arabic) on his car and slashed its tires.

He also claimed that a mixture of sugar and silicon was poured on the hood.

Officers who arrived at the scene interrogated the young man, who eventually admitted that he had damaged his own vehicle to "raise awareness" to "price tag" acts committed by Arabs against Jews.

He spent the night in a detention facility.,7340,L-4404163,00.html


Anonymous said...

He's probably a cousin to the jew-Nazi-jew John Kaminski. The Jew Kaminski says the same thing.

"Eustace Mullins On John Kaminski"

"John Kaminski Infiltrant"

How come the SPLC is totally silent about all the Jew-Nazi-Jews online goading us Non-Jews on to holocaust the Jews? One would think the SPLC would be up-in-arms about all the Jews online pushing Nazism on us, yet the SPLC is totally silent. Very suspicious.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

The high Jewish leadership - the banking Sanhedrin and the Sabbatean messianic Jews - foment Anti-Semitism to keep the Jews scared and afraid so the Jews will continue to support the Zionist agenda. Jewish leadership has a very long history of fomenting Anti-Semitism. Nazi Germany being the epitome of this phenomena :

"Israel Shahak + The Weight Of Three Thousand Years PDF"

"Dietrich Bronder + Bevor Hitler Kam PDF"

Bronder's work is about the huge role Jews played in creating and building the Third Reich in the very first place. Bronder himself is Jewish. An honest Jew. An honest historian.

The thing is : The die-hard warmongering Jew messianic Zionism is going to eventually lead to great suffering for the Jews :

" Albert Pike Three World Wars Planned"

Right now the Islamic Jihadists are attacking Shias and Christians in the Middle East. They will eventually target Israel big-time :

"Kissinger + Israel Only Has 10 Years Left"

The die-hard intense messianic warmongering Jews are not doing their fellow Jews any favors.

The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic Jihadist groups of warmongers were started in large part by Donmeh Jews in Turkey in the very first place. Amazing.

As Jewish leadership foments intense anti-Semitism to keep their fellow Jews in-line, and I'm not Jewish myself, I see no good reason why I should be dragged into the middle of all of this Jewish craziness. The Jew Kaminski can go holocaust the Jews himself if he wants to. I'm not Jewish, I can't be bothered. It's all very psychotic and schizophrenic.

Let the Jews kill one down en-masse if they want to, that's their business. I'm not Jewish. I refuse to allow myself to be dragged into the middle of Jewish bullshit. The Jew bullshit just never ends.

From : Joe

w said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"John Kaminski Infiltrant"

Until lately I did not know it was J. Kaminski who "borrowed" Mullins last copies of his books. Eustace Mullins mentioned that in his "Zionist Order" video but gave no names. Now we know,.

As for the SPLC, all I need to say is "This is Zionism" is mentioned as an "anti-Semitic" hate site not withstanding, I am a real Semite fighting the real antisemitic jews such as ADL AIPAC, SPLC and other virulent antisemites

Anonymous said...

@ w

You may be interested in the following information :

"Menachem Begin Nazi Collaborator"

More about the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood and Zionism :

More about Messsianic Zionism :

Heidegger wasn't a Jew, but his mentor in "the faith" -- Edmund Husserl -- was a Sabbatean Jew [albeit pretending to be a Lutheran]. This in NO WAY makes Heidegger in any way innocent. Heidegger is most certainly NOT innocent. Heidegger is just as culpable.

The Nazi webmasters still keep on persisting in telling us Hitler was an "Aryan". What a joke that is :

"Hitler Was A Jew Himself"

Even the Jews in Israel know Hitler had the blood/DNA -- the Spirit -- of a Donmeh Jew. Amazing.

Excellent Search Term to learn more about Jews, Nazis, Zionism:

" Rabbi Antelman"

From :Joe

Anonymous said...

@ w

Eustace Mullins mentions John Kaminski by name. Got to YouTube;

YouTube Search Term :

"Eustace Mullins On John Kaminski"

And :

The Google Search Term :

"Eustace Mullins On John Kaminski"

Will also access a lot of info about John Kaminski -- one of the Jews Mullins Struggled Against -- for being an honest historian. Kaminski hassled Mullins and tried to make Eustace Mullins shut-up.

From : Valerio

Anonymous said...

The Skokie Nazi leader was a Jew also:

"Frank Collins + Jew + Skokie Nazis"

Heidegger's Nazi "philosophy" is called "Dasein". To learn more about Heidegger and the Nazi philosophy of Dasein :

"Get Out And Stay Out Of Jail + Heidegger And Dasein"

From : Jimmy

w said...

Thanks all for the links