Thursday, 11 July 2013

Report: Mossad agents detained Gaza man in Sinai

Israeli Mossad agents detained a Palestinian in Egypt's Sinai in June, Israeli media reported Wednesday.

An Israeli judge cleared news of the arrest for publication on Wednesday and said Wael Abu Rida, from Gaza. He was detained on suspicion of "offenses of national security," the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

A magistrates' court in Beersheba on Wednesday extended Abu Rida's remand by eight days, the report said.

Judge Yuval Livadaro allowed the publication of some details in Israeli media, but extended the gag order of other details by 10 days.

The detainee's wife, Amani Abu Rida, had told Ma'an on July 3 that her husband disappeared during a visit to Egypt for medical treatment.

The couple traveled together to Egypt on June 6. Wael Abu Rida suffers cerebral atrophy and sought treatment at a hospital in central Sinai, his wife said.

On June 21, Wael received a phone call and left without returning, his wife said.

The family later received a phone call from the International Committee of the Red Cross informing them that Wael was in Israeli custody, without giving any reason for the arrest.

After the phone call, Amani returned to the Gaza Strip.

Israel Social TV Video on Mossad Sinai Kidnapping


This is my latest video for Israel Social TV about the Mossad’s kidnapping of Wael Abu Rida in Sinai. Unfortunately, due to the massive unrest presently in Egypt it appears this story will not receive the attention it should from the Egyptian media and citizens. But with this video I’m doing my bit to bring Abu Rida’s plight to the attention of the world.

Unfortunately, due to Israeli censorship and gag orders the video could not mention Abu Rida’s name or the fact that there was a gag order against doing so. That’s Israel!

If you can post it to your own social media accounts and disseminate and promote it, I’d be grateful.

UPDATE: Possibly as a result of our efforts, Israel’s security apparatus just partially lifted the gag order which now permits naming Abu Rida. He of course still remains imprisoned and subject to the whims of the Israeli secret police.

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