Thursday, 18 July 2013

Masters of Deception: Zionism, 9/11 and the War on Terror Hoax

By Zander C. Fuerza

Unraveling the Mystery of 9/11 

September 11, 2001, was a horrific and tragic day — nearly three thousand people perished in the terrorist attacks that drove a knife straight into the heart of America. Apart from being a brutal blow to the pride and stature of the most powerful nation on earth, the events of 9/11 were also a major wake-up call for many Americans and others around the world.

For many reasons, the attacks of 9/11 inspired a great number of people to begin investigating major world events, attempting to ascertain what sinister force lies behind such atrocities. By looking at historical events more deeply and with a more critical eye, many millions of people across the globe have come to know the truth. In patriot circles it is often said that the engine driving the madness that has engulfed our planet since 9/11 is the ‘New World Order’ — a coalition of rich and powerful ‘globalists’ hell-bent on transforming the world into a tyrannical prison society. This popular idea represents only a portion of the truth. This ‘New World Order’ that is so often talked about these days is in reality a ‘Jew World Order’ that is spearheaded by a contingent of psychopathic Jewish supremacists who aim to establish some form of world dominion, as ancient Jewish religious texts had prophesied.

The shocking images of the unbelievable violence that took place on 9/11 have been seared into the memories of every American citizen.

The remarkable precision and coordination of the heinous aerial assaults on the World Trade Center Twin Towers and the Pentagon was a surreal sight for many. The unthinkable collapses of the Twin Towers and WTC-7 at nearly free-fall speed raised some immediate questions. Before the dust of the collapsed Twin Towers had even settled on the ground, many critical thinkers were already asking hard questions as to what really happened and who was really behind the attacks. The official explanation of the Bush administration, which was fully endorsed by the mass media, that nineteen Arabs with box-cutters directed by a bearded guy in a cave in Afghanistan miraculously made all of this carnage happen, despite a multi-billion dollar U.S. military, security and defense system standing in their way, is an outrageous, ridiculous, and preposterous contention — an insult to our intelligence.

The official story of 9/11 is believed by fewer and fewer people every year. Polls are beginning to show that there are many more people who are skeptical of the U.S. government’s story than those who blindly acceptit. (“Americans Question Bush on 9/11 Intelligence,” Angus Reid Global Monitor, Oct. 14, 2006.)

The objective of this work is not to explain or uncover exactly how 9/11 was done in the physical sense, since there is already a plethora of literature and video  documentaries highlighting the scientific impossibilities of the official story. Rather, this book is an attempt to elucidate who did it and why. I confidently contend that the official explanation of what happened on 9/11 has been dismantled, disproved and debunked on every level. The official story of the attacks, as the governments and mass media of the Western world would
have us all believe, is riddled with holes and blunders. The seemingly endless number of flaws, contradictions and absurdities of the U.S. government’s official conspiracy theory are painstakingly detailed in such films as Zero – An Investigation Into 9/11, 9/11 Mysteries, and Painful Deceptions. Like a sinking ship, the official version of 9/11 has rapidly descended into the gutter of fictitious fantasies.

I am firmly convinced of the notion that the Twin Towers and WTC-7 were demolished with explosives. The theory that the collapse of the towers and WTC-7 was scientifically improbable without the use of explosives has been credibly established as a fact. This assertion is not argued merely by ‘conspiracy theorists’ sitting in their basements watching re-runs of the X-Files, but by thousands of professional architects and engineers who have put their careers and reputations on the line to get the truth out to the public about the controlled demolition of the three gigantic structures that fell to pieces before our very eyes in New York City on 9/11. (See: If the Twin Towers and WTC-7 were brought down with explosives, which all of the evidence seems to indicate, then the tall tale of nineteen suicidal Muslim hijackers must be a fabrication, indeed an invention, of the true authors of this terrorist conspiracy. I contend that the wrong people are still, to this day, falsely being blamed for an atrocity that they did not commit. Since 9/11, Muslims have been vilified in much the same way that the Germans have been brutally bad-mouthed and abused in the press and Hollywood entertainment  More


Anonymous said...

Israel was responsible for 9/11. The Israeli Mossad with a lot of inside help :

"Mossad Did 9-11"

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

Thank you ZCF for your most valuable and informative book.

Anonymous said...

Internet Censorship?

About one week ago, I had no trouble to view the three videos that were linked under the Introduction – Unraveling the Mystery of 9/11 of this book.
Today when I tried to introduce my friend to view them, they are either de-linked or not available.

1)Zero – An Investigation into 9/11 Error 404 Not Found

2)9/11 Mysteries
This video is no longer available due to the a copyright claim by 911 eye witness

3)Painful Deceptions
Error 404 Not Found

Anonymous said...

@ Webmaster

You haven't put up any new articles in awhile now. I hope everything is okay. Usually, you put articles up every day. Just wanted to check-in. I hope everything is okay. This is one my favorite websites.

~ Salvatore ~

Anonymous said...

Israel did 911 and I am certain beyond a reasonable doubt. How many young American soldiers have been marched to their death? How many Iraqi and afghans who were completely innocent died? It is the greatest atrocity and tragedy of our time. The amount of death and destruction to America, Iraq, and Afghanistan is greater than their alleged holocaust that no one should believe as history has been rewritten by lying Zionist nazis. Israel did 911 and all the proof is there. Teach your children that the American public was greatly deceived on that sad September day.

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