Friday, 28 June 2013

Police Called After Man Flies Nazi Flag in CT

Lithuanian court defines swastika as “historic legacy,” not Nazi symbol

A man's decision to fly a Nazi flag outside his Connecticut home has prompted a visit from police.
WVIT-TV reports (Man Protests President's Policies qwith Nazi Flag ) that Joseph Sincavage put up the flag Sunday next to a U.S. flag, a Marine Corps flag and a Vatican flag.

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Police came to his door Wednesday to investigate a complaint from neighbors.

Jeff Jones, who also lives on Connors Lane, said he believes the flag is racist and pure evil, and those living on the road should not be forced to look at it.

Sincavage, who flew a Confederate flag in the same spot several months ago, said flying the flag is his way of protesting the policies of President Obama. He said he has no plans to take it down.

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