Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Jewish Media, Writers Blast ‘Princesses Long Island’

Throughout the entire movie, I squeezed my friend's hand, covered my eyes, and yelled "Make it stop!" "I can't watch!" "I CAN'T!"

Jewish news outlets and writers are absolutory destroying the latest TV show “Princesses Long Island.” First up is Lindsey Orlofky: Bravo describes “Princesses” as a “reality” show that documents the lives of six Jewish women in their late twenties and early thirties, who live at home… on Long Island… with their parents. Their daily routines consist of shopping at designer stores, sunbathing by their parents’ pools, and searching for wealthy Jewish doctors or lawyers to “put a ring on it.” They do not have jobs. They do not know how to take care of themselves. And they label neighborhoods with homes valued at less than $500,000 as “the ghetto.” Simply stated, their lives could not be farther from a Jewish woman’s true reality.

The women on this show depict a disgracefully false representation of Jews, a shameful representation of women, and a humiliating representation of Long Islanders. As a Jewish woman from New York, I could not be more appalled with the Bravo network’s decision to air this train wreck of a show, and the cast members’ decisions to fuel this stereotypical fire.

The following is from Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR: Anyone seeking affirmation that this show isn’t good for the Jews should look no further than Haaretz – a newspaper which is rarely referenced for its love of the Jewish people. A columnist for the paper recently wrote: “Never again must we wonder if something is bad for the Jews [...] you’ll never have to ask yourself this question again. All you have to do is compare it to ‘Princesses: Long Island,” and “you’ll realize that absolutely nothing in the media will ever be as truly horrible for the Jewish people.”

The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles said it “…may possibly be the most offensive reality TV show ever.” JTA says the show “…appears to be just as bad for the Jews as we’d assumed it would be.”

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