Tuesday, 11 June 2013

IDF soldier escapes from high-security prison for 2nd time

IDF soldier detained in high-security wing of Prison Four escapes Tuesday. Same detainee escaped from same prison last month. IDF launches investigation; search for runaway soldier ongoing

An IDF soldier detained in the high-security wing of Prison Four reserved for severe offenses and dangerous detainees, escaped on Tuesday morning from the prison. A few weeks ago,

Ynet exposed that the same detainee had escaped from the same prison, bringing about the dismissal of several Military Police officers serving in the prison compound.

The soldier escaped through the showers without anyone noticing. Military Police launched a search after him, both in the area of the military detention base and near his place of residence in the north.

The IDF is considering dismissing another officer involved in the case.

"This has become a farce," said an IDF officer involved in the case.

"If anyone thinks that the lessons were implemented in the military police and the prison, then this case proves they weren’t. You can bolster surveillance, but it turns out that it's not that big a deal to escape. It's absurd that in both cases the escape was from the high-security wing."

 According to the IDF Spokesperson's Unit, an investigation was launched into the circumstances of the incident and "searches after the runaway detainee are ongoing."


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