Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dutch court orders return of Anne Frank archive to Switzerland

The Anne Frank Diary Fraud

A Dutch court ordered the Anne Frank Foundation in Amsterdam to return archival material to a Swiss charity named for the teenage Jewish diarist.

The Anne Frank Foundation must give back the archive to the Anne Frank Fund in Basel by Jan. 1, the Amsterdam District Court ruled on Wednesday.

Since 2007, the archive has been on loan from the Basel organization to the Amsterdam foundation. It contains 25,000 letters, documents and photos from several generations.

The Basel organization demanded the return of the archive in 2010 to realize plans to create a Frank family museum in Frankfurt.

A spokesperson for the Anne Frank Foundation said she could not say at this time whether the organization would appeal the ruling.

The two organizations have a history of strained relations, as the fund has accused the foundation of commercializing the memory of Anne Frank, The Associated Press reported. Judges rejected the fund’s request that the foundation suffer large fines for every day it failed to return the archives.

Anne Frank, who wrote about hiding with her family in a tiny secret attic apartment in Amsterdam for two years during the Nazi occupation, died in a concentration camp at age 15. Her father, Otto, survived the war and published the diary.

Professor Arthur Butz of Northwestern University says 'I have looked over the diary and don't believe (its authenticity)'. (Anne Frank's Diary - Some Honest Questions)

Dr Robert Faurisson of the University of Lyons believes the Anne Frank saga is a politically inspired concoction to support Zionism. (Anne Frank's Diary - Some Honest Questions)

Herman Rosenblat's book Angel at the Fence was apparently a fraud. (Holocaust survivor's love story exposed as a fraud - Telegraph)

Rosenblat claimed he was due to die in the gas chambers at Theresienstadt at 10am on 10 May 1945.

On 15 February 2009, The Observer reports (When one life story is not enough):

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