Friday, 28 June 2013

Battle for the Jewish community in Syria is lost

It is now over a decade since I met Mouffak in the Aleppo souk. This young Syrian was a trader in objets d’art and he had a unique sales pitch: “If you come and see my shop, I’ll show you my synagogue”.

These were optimistic times, just after Bashar al-Assad took over from his brutal father, and there were hopes that the young president would turn out to be a reformer. I was there to write a travel piece, but Mouffak’s offer was not part of the official itinerary.

He took me through the sweltering passageways of the ancient market to an old wooden door, drew out a giant iron key and let me into a shaded courtyard. A squat tower housed a small wooden gallery and the deserted synagogue looked for all the world like a miniature mosque. But a Hebrew prayer carved into one of the walls showed the building’s Jewish origins.

At the time of my visit, there were a few hundred Jews left in Syria, with maybe 30 living in Aleppo, the synagogue a tragic reminder of a once-thriving community. By last year the population had dwindled still further, to just a handful families around the Jafar Synagogue in Damascus.

Then, in March of this year, rebels released footage suggesting that the synagogue had been destroyed by Assad forces.

The fate of the synagogue of Aleppo, which is thought to date back King David, remains uncertain. But it is probably safe to say that three millennia of common history between the Arabs and Jews of Syria is at an end.

Across the Middle East, the horrible endgame of ethnic cleansing, which began with the exodus of Jews from Arab countries after 1948, is playing itself out. The closure of the last synagogue in Egypt was announced last year and an article in the Jerusalem Post this week suggested that just 14 Jews remain in Cairo. The death of Carmen Weinstein, the veteran leader of Egypt’s Jews, was a further blow.

One of the consequences of the Arab uprisings is that large parts of the Middle East are now effectively Judenrein.

In Syria, where Muslims pray at the shrine of the Christian saint, John the Baptist, in the great mosque of Damascus, the great monotheistic religions have traditionally merged.

One of the greatest symbols of this “syncretism” is the second-century synagogue of Dura Europos, discovered nearly intact in the 1930s and installed in the National Museum in Damascus.

But it is now impossible even to view this relic of Syria’s Jewish past. The museum has closed its doors to the public and its treasures have been locked away in the vaults.


Anonymous said...

Syria is soon going to be Christian "rein" and Shia "rein" also if the Sunnis have their way.

The thing is : Donmeh Jews played a huge role in starting the Muslim Brotherhood and inciting for Islamic Jihad in the very first place. Just like Jews played a huge role in creating and building the Third Reich in the very first place. Truly schizophrenic.

I'm tired of hearing Jews crying when their very own leaders are the cause of their problems to an extremely large degree ; And they never cry over the suffering their Jewish leaders cause for Non-Jews.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

Syria will soon be Christian "rein" soon enough also, if the Sunnis have their way.

There's no room in the NWO for Shia Muslims, Torah Jews, or Christians.

The thing is : Donmeh Jews played a huge role in starting The Muslim Brotherhood and inciting for Sunni Islamic jihad in the very first place. Just like Jews played a huge role in creating and building the Third Reich. Truly schizophrenic.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the double post. I didn't think my first post went through. My computer froze up right after sending off the first post. I didn't think the post went through successfully.

Another point I'd like to make : During WW2, a lot of Catholics were thrown into the IG Farben camps and/or brutally murdered for helping Jews. One would never know this if one only read the Zionist/mainstream narrative of Nazi Germany.

Now the Jews cry and complain that the Catholics didn't help them, when in point-of-fact, many Catholics were murdered for helping Jews during WW2. The Catholic Church was opposed to Nazism/Fascism.

The Catholic Church was opposed to Nazism/Fascism, while the Jewish leadership itself in the US and the UK -- and yes, even Jews in Nazi Germany itself --were bank-rolling the Third Reich [ via IG Farben], and the Third Reich was full of die-hard, intense Jewish-Zionists top-to-bottom.

The Jews leave all of this out of their Jewish "narrative" about the Third Reich. They do greatly lie about the Jewish role in building Nazi Germany, and they do lie when they say Catholics didn't help them.

If Nazism ever comes to the US, I'm not going to turn Nazi myself [ Nazis hate Christianity, especially Catholics], but I'm not going to help the Jews either.

I'm not going to risk death helping the Jews only to have them turn around and lie, cry, and complain that I didn't help.

After all the smoke clears, the Jews will write books that I didn't help them -- I will not help them, then when they write their Jewish "narratives" they'll be telling the truth -- because I'm not going to lift a finger to help any Jew period. Especially when their fellow Jews play such a huge role in fostering Nazism. Like their fostering of Sunni Islamic Jihad. And especially how they lie as to how the Catholics didn't help them during WW2, when in point-of-fact, many Catholics went to their deaths for helping the Jews.

There were many Jews in the Third Reich -- including in the SS -- The Nazi/Zionist Jews were busy killing their fellow Jews-- and killing the Catholics who tried to help the Jews under siege.

I'm not going to lift a finger to help. Turn their lies into the truth. They'll write books stating I didn't help, even if I got brutally murdered for helping. Better off not helping. Turn the Jews into truth-tellers that way -- just don't help them.

From : Joe

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Anonymous said...

"Sorry about the double post."

No need to apologize. Blogger is very buggy indeed.