Sunday, 30 June 2013

Attacked Neturei Karta Member: I'm Not a Zionist

Neturei Karta man who was attacked in Amsterdam reportedly seeking to meet his attacker so that he can explain his dislike for Zionism.

The Neturei Karta member who was attacked this week in Amsterdam is seeking to clarify that he is no Zionist.

The man, 50-year-old Rabbi Yosef Antebi was hospitalized this week after he was confronted by a Muslim man as he was walking down a street in Amsterdam. A friend of his said that the Muslim ran after Antebi and then proceeded to kick him in the stomach.

According to reports on Friday, however, Antebi is now seeking to meet with the attacker in order to explain the ideological system in which he believes, and explain his dislike towards Zionism and the State of Israel.
"Rabbi Antebi said that is willing to give up everything just so he can talk with the gentile and explain the difference between Judaism and Zionism and to say that there is nothing in his heart against Arabs," Neturei Karta said, according to an email correspondence seen by Arutz Sheva.

Neturei Karta oppose the establishment of the State of Israel. They often win international headlines despite their tiny percentage of world Jewry. Members of the group have in the past met with former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who publicly called to wipe Israel off the map.

Earlier this week, the group attributed the attack to the “Zionist evil, which causes anti-Semitism all around the world, until even those who are truly observant and faithful Jews are liable to fall victim, and pay a high price for the Zionists' sins.”


Anonymous said...

There's no room in the New World Order for Torah Jews and devout Catholics. The attacks in Europe are starting again, little by little, they're building up -- attacks against Torah Jews and Catholics. Catholics are being attacked in Europe now also.

In Nazi Germany, both groups were targeted by the Nazis. Nazism and Islamic jihad are tied-at-hip.

From : Joe

w said...

"Nazism and Islamic jihad are tied-at-hip."

Agree Nazism and Islamic jihad are tied-at-Zionist-hip.

Anonymous said...

For information about Catholics being attacked in Europe by Islamic jihadists, the following search terms will access a lot of information. Information that never makes the news :

" Muslims Attack Churches In Europe"

"Muslims Attack Churches In France"

It's getting very intense.

From : Joe