Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Jewish Chronicle Affair: Smear Campaign Method Revealed

They make up a bogus story, then come to our country to find "evidence". We live in Orwell's world.

Attila Mesterházy, the leader of the Socialists, who are now supported by Ron Werber, the eminent Israeli representative of hate campaigns, and his fellow MP, Pál Steiner reported Jobbik MP Márton Gyöngyösi to the police for - as they put it - "denying the crimes committed by the national socialist regime". The report was based on an interview with Gyöngyösi published in The Jewish Chronicle (JC). Having seen the outcome of the official investigation, it is quite clear why the editors refused to fulfill Gyöngyösi's request to publish the entire recording of the interview. When he requested correction, The Jewish Chronicle responded that the text of the published interview exactly corresponds to what was said. However, the police report had a boomerang effect on the manipulators as well as the two people who filed the report, because, as it turned out, they made a huge mistake. The complete original recording was presented and transcripted in the course of the official procedure, therefore the lie was revealed and documented.

Based on a certified copy of the voice recording received from the British authority, the Central Investigation Office of the Prosecution Service of Hungary concluded that: Contrary to the content of the British magazine's article, Márton Gyöngyösi did not question the number of Holocaust victims, he acknowledged the fact of the Holocaust taking place, and he refrained from any declaration or estimation regarding the number of victims, in spite of the journalist's repeated questions. During the interview, the MP made no such statements or mentioned no such numbers that would have diminished the significance of the acts against humanity committed by the national socialist regime, therefore the investigation was terminated due to lack of a criminal act.- says the release of the Hungarian News Agency. This cannot be interpreted in any other way than that the Jewish Chronicle was lying in its article of 2nd February, and Márton Gyöngyösi was telling the truth when he was talking about manipulation.

What paints a disappointing picture of Hungary is that the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned Gyöngyösi on the basis of the manipulated article. Mesterházy and Steiner ran to do their job, which we are used to, just like to the methods of the Jewish Chronicle and the global mainstream media. They make up a bogus story, then come to our country to find "evidence". If they can't find it, they fabricate it. We could see it in Gyöngyösi's case, when The Jewish Chronicle falsified the words of the Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament. What would be the outcome, if it had happened the other way round? For example, what would happen if a journalist from Magyar Nemzet, a Hungarian newspaper - to justify his prejudice - falsified the words of a Bundestag representative or Chancellor Merkel in such a crude way as the British paper did to Gyöngyösi? There would be a diplomatic scandal and they would fire at the "government's newspaper" for weeks for trying to poison the Hungarian-German relations. The Jewish Chronicle and the Western media using the same method can go doing just that unpunished. No apology. They can prepare for the next falsification. They consider this as a commendable procedure. Those who dare to criticize it are anti-Semites. Or they are even Holocaust deniers! What reflects the conditions of the Hungarian media is that the news was published in most cases with the title: Gyöngyösi's report rejected. The MP had reported the two Socialist party puppets to the police for false accusation. The reason for the rejection, according to the prosecutor's office, was that "since the two politicians did not know that the sentences in the interview were not uttered by Gyöngyösi, they could not commit the crime of false accusation". Which means that the media failed to report the essence, which was confirmed by the explanation of the verdict: The Jewish Chronicle falsified the interview. According to the principles of journalism and common sense, this should be the main news, the main message. However, the editors managed to hide it with this "secondary manipulation" so that it does not come to your attention unless you read the entire article closely. We live in Orwell's world.

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