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Petition of the citizens of earth for the peaceful dismantling of Israel

Lest we forget

The evil that is Zionism and Israel boggles the mind. We see them engaging in atrocities against the Palestinian people even with the Zionist press censoring most of the news. The world cries out to end the abomination known as the state of Israel.

Here is a petition from Alkali blog in France, for the peaceful dismantling of the #1 problem in the world today, terrorist Israel.

This is translated from the original French, and hopefully we can get this to appear in other languages as well.

Please comment and suggest amendments and corrections.
Petition of the citizens of earth for the peaceful dismantling of Israel.
Publié par alkali Lancé 25 mai 2007

Preparation of the text of a petition which will be put on line within six month:

Petition of the citizens of earth for the peaceful dismantling of Israel.

If you think that the Jewish religion is a worthy religion and that the behavior of Israel makes it lose the respect which is owed to it as a religion.

If you think that the acts which have established Israel are theft. UN resolution 181 in 1947 was established to divest the Palestinians of their land.

If you think that Zionism is a xenophobic and racist theory like Nazism.
If you think that Israeli policies are taking us straight towards the 3rd world war.
If you think that the wars both in Iraq and in Lebanon are only for the profit of Israel.
If you think that the US empire works only for Israel and that it advances the parts on the chess-board of Zion.
If you think that France since the last elections works only for Israel, with its Zionists puppets.
If you think that the purpose of Israel is only the take over of oil of the area in order to dominate the world.
If you think that Zionism directs by various intrigues the businesses of the world.
If you think that peace will never come from Israel.
If you think that the mainstream media of the whole world favour Israel too often .
If you think that the debate on this question is impossible because of the preceding point.
If you think that Judaism is opposed to the establishment of Israel and to Zionism.
If you think that a slow and discrete genocide has been going on for 60 years there, and more because of the conflicts Zionists started.
Then sign the international petition and oblige the nations through the UN –which is responsible for this genocide and these innumerable wars– to reconsider its decision and to cancel the provisions of resolution 181. Let us ask in our states to change policy towards Israel and Zionism.
The reasons which are to be called upon, others will soon come to enlarge this list.
Israel did not respect any points of the Balfour Declaration.
Whilst Lord Balfour did indeed make that promise on behalf of Britain, to Lord Rothschild, for onforwarding to the Zionist Federation, he made the promise on condition that the rights of the population already there (i.e. the Palestinians) were not prejudiced.
The statute of Jerusalem was not respected.
The attack of the rights and the lives of the preexisting indigenous inhabitants.
The expulsion of the inhabitants without just compensation.
Israel commits crimes every day that no court judges.
Israel does not respect any International Convention.
Israel is equipped with prohibited weapons and;
Israel uses prohibited weapons against civilians.
Israel attacks without discriminating between civilians and fighters, tanks and others weapons of war.
Israel starves and reduces to misery the whole Palestinian people.
Israel steals from and impoverishes the Palestinian people, by preventing trade and by collecting taxes..
Permanent occupation of territories that it accepted as being those of the Palestinian people and which become in fact a bad copy of the African southern townships.

Israel has ignored every UN resolution against it.

We have to take care of Jewish populations which will have to be evacuated to the states which signed resolution 181. Many of the Israelis have two or three-nationalities when it is not more. Israel is just their back base. They more often live in the capitals and cities of the world, not in Israel. They will return to the countries which they left and where they generally had good situations.
Only those Jews which have not shaped Israeli policy will remain. And that after approval on behalf of a committee made up of Palestinian and only of them.Criminals are not allowed to stay.

Because the evil was caused by the nations of the world, it is time that they repair their errors. Gaza was evacuated. Israel can be too. Palestinians must find their independence and their freedom in the country where they born. The name of Israel is a spiritual name which must remain in the spiritual sphere according to Orthodox Judaism. The return from exile of Palestinians will follow and the freedom of access to the holy land of all the religions will be finally respected.

As this is the prototype, you are invited to deliver your opinion on the points which seem to you incomplete or erroneous. As this petition must be established in all the languages of the world translators are welcome. If you have good knowledge of the organization of petitions on line or if you are a webmaster and have time to grant to this initiative do not hesitate. For some this may appear Utopian, for me it is the only means of restoring peace in the middle east and on earth. If you are able to help at all please do so. I do not need money, nor to become a celebrity, just sign this petition it is all that is required from you. Transmit it with your mailing list, talk to those around you, on your blog, your Internet site, try by all means, so the world does not fall into the Zionist abyss like Palestine, Iraq or soon Iran.

Moreover if that functions we will have proved that humanity can link beyond all the barriers the borders the races and the religions so Jews can finally join the great human family.

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