Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Jewish Media Obsessed to Name Jobbik Party as ‘Far-Right’

The Jobbik Party of Hungary – the Party pushing now brazen anti-Semitism –  is endlessly presented in the Jewish Media as being “Far-Right.” As a Political Conservative, I don’t feel obligated to defend or deny the existence of extremists on either end of the political spectrum. To the contrary, I condemn it regardless the source. But when members of the Jewish media and leadership try taking me on a ride, I like to step off and turn the wheel the other way.

If you read the Policy page of the Jobbik Party, you see that overall they are not Right-wing. They start out by bashing global Capitalism. They claim (further down on their page) that the drive of profit is robbing Hungry from opportunity… “People are not units of profit-creation, or objects” they claim, reminding me of Michal Moore; the Left-winger Anti-Capitalist who made millions here in the USA. Echoing NYC Mayor Michal Bloomberg (not exactly a Right-winger), the Party bashes “the growth in unhealthy lifestyles” claiming that it’s causing health troubles for the nation.

Jobbik hates deregulation too. On a different page they write: “The so-called driving parties of governmental restructuring following the communist era stated the task of establishing a social market economy in the very first sentence of the 1989 Amendments to the Constitution.  After nearly two decades, it is obvious that not even a worthwhile attempt had been made to achieve this.  On the contrary, the neoliberal ideology dominated policies during these years under the name of privatization, liberalization and deregulation.”

Really? Europe is a privatized and deregulated society? You must be a far-Leftist to claim this.

The Jobbik’s on the same page lament that “the notion of social service and the common good have faded out of the vocabulary.”

When it comes to Energy, the Jobbik’s come across as Senate Democrats bashing Big Oil. They write: “In the energy sector in our country, seemingly everything has already been capitalized. However, the result of such extremist privatization has never, in a single area, ever amounted to a reduction in prices.”

Yes, the evil extremist privatization…

The only thing “Right-wing” on their Policy page, is saying their “attitude towards social welfare is based on a Christian social foundation: Namely, that the state should only intervene once individual, and family, opportunities have been exhausted.”

This by the way is the Torah/Jewish way of helping the poor. “Oozoyv Tazoyv Eemoy.”

According to Wikipedia, the translation for the Jobbik name has the word “Right” in it. Not as Right vs. Left. Instead, Right as the correct way to go.

The Jobbik policy page does not mention immigration. However, based on recent events they come across as hard-core nationalists, which apparently is the drive behind their hate for Jews too.

As far I am concerned, the Jobbik’s are Nazi-like. The word ‘Nazi’ is the shortened word for ‘National Socialism’ or ‘National Socialists.’ The Jobbik’s have recently picked up the nationalism thing which you canaruge is found on the Right end of the political spectrum rather than on the Left. And based on what their policy pages offer, Jobbik’s are far-Left Socialists.

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