Sunday, 5 May 2013

Columnist Takes Heat for Comparing Lapid To Hitler

In the Sunday issue of the Haredi paper Yated Neeman, columnist Chaim Walder has compared a speech given by Finance Minister Yair Lapid to one once delivered by Adolph Hitler. ( reports that in writing about what he terms “anti-haredi incitement,” Walder provides several examples, including a recent poll that reveals haredi Jews as being portrayed more negatively on television than any other religious group.

At one point Walder cites a source he refers to only as “somebody famous” as having said once that Jews must begin “productive work,” and that their failure to do so would result in “a catastrophe…not Jewish victory, but the destruction of the Jews.”

Walder subsequently reveals the source as Nazi leader Adolph Hitler.

Walder then cites a speech Lapid gave two years ago, the ending of which contained the warning, “We have to find a way, friend, or this will end badly. What does it say in [the book of] Taanit? ‘Friendship or death.’”
Walder then asks readers to “tell me” how much “different” that is.

Lapid’s staff is accusing Walder of his own “outrageous incitement.”

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