Sunday, 19 May 2013

CNN’s Tapper lends himself to claustrophobic discussion of unicorn– Israel’s survival as ‘a Jewish democracy’

"Speakers Discuss Will Israel Survive as a Jewish Democracy?" at a Washington synagogue in ten days. Maybe they could have had a Palestinian on this panel? Or an anti-Zionist Jew? Moderator Jake Tapper of CNN has to know, the writing is on the wall. Can't he open it up a little?  The Atlantic magazine is in on this too. How do they justify the narrow bandwidth?

And Jeffrey Goldberg is some careerist. As the Jewish democracy slides into rightwing oblivion, he's managing to stay relevant. Ahead of the curve! The Washington curve anyway. Does Goldberg ever pay a price for being wrong about Iraq, wrong about Iran?

Sixth & I Historic Synagogue (Washington, DC)
Tuesday May 28, 2013 7:00pm $15
The complexities of Israel now and in the future will be discussed in depth during the program Will Israel Survive as a Jewish Democracy?. This provocative discussion, moderated by CNN Chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper, features Israeli columnist Ari Shavit and The Atlantic national correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg. The trio will discuss the many questions facing the country, including its relationship with the United States and American Jews. This promises to be a thoughtful, engaging talk on one of the most intriguing international issues of the day.
By the way, Tapper gets it. As Annie Robbins reported, he grilled Jay Carney about the fact that Israel does whatever it wants and never suffers any consequences. So will they talk about the Israel lobby?

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