Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pamela Geller Raging Out of Control After Synagogue Cancels Her Speech

Today at the hate site of anti-Muslim lunatic Pamela Geller, there are no less than eight posts raging and spewing nasty insults at the leaders of the Great Neck Synagogue for canceling her event, after an outcry from the community. (There may be more by the time you read this.) This is what she does every time someone has the courage to say no to her — she flies into a berserk rage about it, and incites her followers to harass the object of her anger.

Rather than highlight any one of these deranged posts, I thought it might be illuminating to compile a few of the insults and ugly comments she’s written so far. For someone who claims not to be a bigoted hate maven, she certainly does seem full of rage and bile.

craven and cowardly
that synagogue caved to a leftist/Islamic supremacist smear and intimidation campaign
unconscionable self-imposed dhimmitude
vicious leftist reformed rabbis
crushing freedom of speech in the age of jihad
aligned with Islamic supremacists in their jihad
I do not promote hate speech
She’s ranting about “free speech” again, as if the Great Neck Synagogue were obligated to provide her with a venue to preach her noxious hatred; of course, they’re not obligated at all, and this is no free speech issue.
Just as Geller is free to emit as much poisonous rhetoric as she can find within herself (and that’s a lot of poisonous rhetoric), organizations like the Great Neck Synagogue are free to decide that decent people shouldn’t be exposed to it at their facilities.

Meanwhile, another synagogue in New Jersey has offered to host Geller’s hatefest:

‘Rabbis for Romney’ Founder Extends Invitation to Pamela Geller.

Pamela Geller @Atlasshrugs
Rabbi Rosenberg of Temple Beth-El in New Jersey invited me to speak on Sunday. I will be there at 7pm - get the word out :)

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