Monday, 29 April 2013

Palestine considers taking Israel to ICC

A non-cordial relationship has existed between Israel and Palestine since 1967, following Israel’s persistent violations of Palestinian rights. According to the Palestine representatives, Israel has been attacking Palestinians for years, carrying out arbitrary arrests and confiscation of their property without being punished. Palestinian officials say over 200 Palestinians die every year in Israel jails because of torture or lack of attention.


Palestinians claim that while Israelis who are arrested, are taken to civil courts, the majority of Palestinians arrested are subjected to court martial and their cases take a long time to be heard.

In a United Nations International meeting in the issue of Palestine, held in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, Palestine reported that,it is considering taking all the top Israeli officials to the international criminal court so that they can be questioned about the sufferings of Palestinians.

Palestinians are angry at Israel’s settlement activities in the occupied west bank including East Jerusalem- al Quds. At the same time, Israel does not allow Palestinians to build a side village, and denies them construction permits. In addition it is reported that Israel confiscates 93% of water resources in the occupied West Bank . Of this Israel settlers are allowed 2400 cubic meters per day per person, while Palestinians are not allowed more that 50 cubic meters of water per person.

As Israel continues to go unpunished despite its violation of international law , the Palestinians are questioning the credibility of the international legal system and are demanding for an immediate action by the UN security council and other state parties of the United Nations to ensure that Israel heeds to the international law.

Palestine derives its morale to face Israel in the international court arena from the fact that it is now a recognized state as of November 2012 and a signatory of the Rome statute. The state which now enjoys the support of many members and non members of United Nations claims says that it will not rest until its people get free from what it terms as colonialism by Israel.

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