Sunday, 28 April 2013

Israeli settlers poison Palestinians water well

Villagers in the South Hills of Hebron-Al Khalil were attacked by Israeli settlers from a nearby settlement when they poured a toxic poison into their water well.

A shepherd in the village of Yatta noted a foul smell coming from the local well and called the police to investigate. The police found a toxic substance and advised the villagers against using it for drinking water or for irrigating the farm because it would likely cause serious illness or death.

One famer has explained to Press TV that the local farmers are under constant attacks by the settlers.

Fadel further explained how they noticed the poison in the water.

A local villager explained how they detected and investigated the poisonous substance.

The villagers stated that they are under constant attack by both Israeli soldiers and settlers from Maon settlement as they are attempting to ethnically cleanse the region.

Settlements remain illegal under international law and the fourth Geneva Convention, but Israel defies the law on the pretext that Palestine is not a sovereign state.

Authorities have not yet detected the nature of the poisonous substance. Palestinian villagers also think even if they find it out, it’s unlikely for the Israeli Authorities to bring the settlers to justice because it has been Tel Aviv’s continuous policy to give settlers impunity for their crimes.

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