Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hypocritical cries of “anti-Semitism”

Every now and again, when the going gets tough for Israel and growing numbers of people throughout the world begin to see it for what it is – an illegitimate, criminal entity built on the land and bones of the Palestinian people – an Israel flag waver emerges from the Zionist sewer, cries “anti-Semitism” and, inevitably, links the alleged “anti-Semitism” with the “delegitimization of Israel”.

The latest such person is failed US politician Katrina Lantos Swett. Writing in The Guardian newspaper, she claims that “anti-Semitism” – rather than racism as a whole – is on the rise in Europe and that

Compounding the problem are four factors. First, European officials remain reluctant to identify the ideological or religious motivations of the perpetrators. Second, surveys show that negative attitudes towards Jews among Europe’s population remain widespread. Third, these surveys confirm that some of this bias reveals itself through certain criticisms of the state of Israel: while no country is beyond reproach, when criticism includes language intended to delegitimize Israel, demonize its people, and apply to it standards to which no other state is held, we must call it antisemitism.
So, nothing about the thousands of villages erased by Israel in order to implant itself, nothing about the systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, undertaken to make lebensraum for foreign Jews, nothing about the criminal occupation of additional Arab territories in the 1967 war, nothing about the racist discrimination against non-Jewish citizens of Israel. In other words, nothing about why the criminal state of Israel is illegitimate in the eyes of most decent, informed people. (For more about the criminal foundations of the state of Israel, see Alan Hart’s “Israel: 65 years of war crimes” and Stuart Littlewood’s “Zionism’s diabolical blueprint“.)

Many people the world over have grown sick and tired of the moral blackmail exercised by the likes of Ms Lantos Swett – playing on Europeans’ guilt complex over the Nazi holocaust in order to drum up support for the criminal and illegitimate state of Israel. It is a disgusting and shameless exploitation of the memory of the Nazis’ victims.

If there is indeed a rise in “anti-Semitism”, as opposed to racism in general, in Europe or elsewhere, then Ms Lantos Swell should explore the connection between this, Israeli’s criminal behaviour and its claim to represent all Jews, and the sad fact that most Jews are either indifferent or supportive of Israel’s occupation and its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.

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