Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Egyptian Jewish Community Selects New President

The Egyptian Jewish Community Council has selected Magda Haroun as its new head succeeding Carmen Weinstein, who died on Saturday aged 82.

Haroun, 61, said she was chosen after a meeting for the community, about 20 women, following Weinstein’s death and that arrangements for the funeral were made.

A mother of two daughters, Haroun is fluent in Arabic, French, English and is fond of painting and handicrafts, according to the Bassatine news letter.

The new chief called on followers of all religions in Egypt to communicate and unite with each other, recalling Egypt’s past. Citizens would then feel that Egypt is a country for everyone, she said.

“The Jewish temple is house of God,” she said. “Whoever wants to come and offer condolences is welcome.”

According to some estimates, the Jewish community in Egypt numbers only several dozen elderly people.

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