Friday, 22 March 2013

Racism Alive and Well at CPAC-”They always arrest Negroes”

Does race matter, still?

Apparently Blacks are now welcomed in the Republican Party. Greg Thrasher, who runs the think tank Plane Ideas, doesn’t seem to think that blacks like himself aren’t properly being courted by the GOP.

Hotel security at CPAC was not too happy with the lobby altercation that took place between Thrasher and Conservative blogger Jeff Dunetz of Yid with Lid, threatening to have everyone arrested.

“Everyone has to clear or be arrested. “The Security guard also added “we need to get the cameras out, we giving you some leeway. We’re going to take it all. Get the cameras out!”-Hotel Security

Thrasher was a walking racial sound bite, with such choice statements like.” Why would people get hurt if a black man has an opinion?”

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