Thursday, 7 February 2013

Meet Joe Lhota: He's Jewish

 J% Rule 300 Millions. Is this USA or israel? GOP Mayor Candidate is Jewish According to Jewish Law

New Yorkers just mourned the loss of the most prominent Jewish mayor. They are also departing, at the end of the year, from a 3 term Jewish mayor. Are New Yorkers ready for another Jewish Mayor?

No, he doesn't eat gefilte fish. But apparently Joe Lhota is Jewish (according to the Jewish law).

"My father’s side is from the Bohemian part, 120 km south of Prague. My mother’s father was Italian. Her mother, Jewish," Lhota told Cindy Adams in a special 'page six' profile for the NY Post. "Like New York, I’m a little of everything, which means alienating everybody else. My great-grandfather came over first," he added.

Remember George W. Bush going to sleep at 9:30? Well, for Lhota it takes almost a hour late, but still early. Sleep is for the weak, politicos say. “Lights out was always 11. Since the campaign I try for sleep as early as I can. Maybe 10:15. Home’s Brooklyn. The Staten Island Ferry horn wakes me every 4:30 a.m. especially when it’s quiet and no wind. Back to sleep until 5:30."

What's for Breakfast? “A hearty, protein-heavy, no-carb breakfast. Cheese omelet. No bread or potatoes."

Lhota was asked by Adams if he ever screwed up? “In college I drank and had a little fun. And kinda stole newspapers thrown at neighbors’ doors, which I read neatly then replaced. Maybe they’d wonder where the coffee stains came from," he confessed.

Don't expect though, a macho campaigner. 'He’s not cuddly. Rarely chats with underlings, " Adams further describes Joe Lhota the man. But he's still a mentch: "TEN minutes ago Joe Lhota was seen swiping his MetroCard on Lexington Avenue’s M102 bus. Like all of us. Got on at Bloomingdale’s. Next stop — he hopes — is City Hall."

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