Wednesday, 27 February 2013

ISRAEL LOBBY Striking Again!


Not yet but soon.  Actually there is no official legal treaty obligating the US to go to war for Israel.  BUT the Israelis have now decided they want a de facto treaty alliance.  And so their Capitol Hill Lobby is super busy getting it.  AIPAC’s annual conference starts this weekend and Obama’s gala visit to Israel is a few weeks ahead.  Soon there will be legislation proposed in Congress which will declare Israel for the first time to be a “MAJOR STRATEGIC PARTNER of the UNITED STATES”.

And it’s not just words.  Expect soon thereafter more legislation that will extend more money, arms, covert benefits, and special arrangements, to nations so designated.   And the only one in this particular category, going beyond regular Strategic Partners, and different than NATO members, etc., may just be Israel!

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