Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Gingrich Uses Boring AIPAC as a Dormitory

Mr Newt "radical Islam"

To sleep, perchance to dream (about "radical Islam"?). Just as Newt Gingrich was about to speak at AIPAC, via live video streaming, the cameras caught him taking a quick nap. To make matters more awkward, after he was introduced, Gingrich said he was welcome to questions from the panel. Except, well. There was no panel.

Maybe endless campaigning is getting the best of him. At one point he seemed awake again, and listening, but dozed off again.

When his moment on the AIPAC stage came, Gingrich said, “I understand you have a panel. I look forward to any questions.” After a long, uncomfortable silence, the moderator broke in and reminded him “there is not a panel.” Thinking on his feet, Gingrich continued along: “Let me just say – I say this pretty briefly, I think … We need a fundamental reassessment of our entire understanding of the threat of radical Islam.”


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