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Crime minister Netanyahu Prepare for “israel’s” Demise: AIPAC was defeated by US Senate

Pharaoh Salman bin Abdel Aziz and Hustling “crown prince”,

It’s amazing how Netanyahu doesn’t prepare for “israel’s” demise. The “israeli” lobby won't be able to buy their way out of this ...people of the US and the world won't accept it. The evidence is all there, Gaza, the West Bank and now East Jerusalem.

In fact, AIPAC was defeated by US Senate. AIPAC tried to weasel a bill that would defund Palestine through Congress. Senate stepped on it!!

Acknowledging the power of AIPAC the right wing columnist Novak pointed out that "Washington remains largely a bipartisan, criticism-free zone for ‘israel."

Fearing to speak it out loud frustrated American peaceniks voted against “israeli” aggression and the total grip AIPAC (“American ‘israel’ Public affairs Committee”, I prefer to call it the “American ‘israel’ Political Action Committee” because that is what it is.) has on American foreign policy.

One little-noted but important result of the November election in the US that returned President Barack Obama to the White House for another four years is that the right-wing “israeli government” and the “zionist” lobbying organization AIPAC took a surprising drubbing and emerge a much weaker political influence going forward in US politics.

According to several recently created liberal Jewish lobbying organizations, which advocates a “peacefully negotiated two-state solution” to the decades-long “israel”-Palestine issue: “Jewish voters in the US did not flock to the ‘zionist’ cause this election”.

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign funds from AIPAC and some wealthy Jewish Americans that were contributed to back hard-liner “zionist or pro-zionist” political candidates for president and Congress, and “despite a vicious anti-Obama ad campaign in southern Florida and in New York City targeting Jewish voters, exit polls the organization commissioned show that 70% of Jewish voters nationwide cast their ballots for President Obama” — the same percentage that has historically voted Democratic.

Perhaps more important, given the current bluster by the Netanyahu government in “israel” about the “urgency to attack Iran, exit polls showed that 90% of American Jews list domestic issues as their main concern, not ‘israel”.

As one example of the kind of fear-mongering ad campaigns “zionist” funders were running in Florida and New York, there was a large billboard put up along the state’s main north/south interstate highway, which showed an Iranian missile heading towards the state of “israel”, with the message: “Friends don’t let friends get nuked. Stop Obama!”

The biggest blow to the “israeli government” and to AIPAC, of course, was the defeat of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. During the height of the campaign, “israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu” visited the US and openly endorsed Romney, criticizing the president for his unwillingness to back or have the US participate in an air strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. President Obama - Although he visited Egypt - has not visited “israel” during his entire first term of office — openly refused a request by Netanyahu for a one-on-one meeting at the White House — an unusual slap at an “israeli” leader by a US president.

Many American Jews are surely challenging the “Neocon-zionist’s” agenda that presents the “Arab world and Islam as an implacable enemy”, and that “promotes a program for the US of permanent imperial war, with the ‘state of israel’ as a critical ally in that war”.

A number of hard-core “zionist” incumbents in Congress lost their seats to candidates who are not craven backers of Netanyahu and his political cronies. For example, the Republican candidate Tommy Thompson, initially a front-runner in the race in Wisconsin for the seat of retiring “zionist” Republican Senator Herb Kohl and an ardent backer of “israel” and the Netanyahu government himself, was defeated by Democrat Tammy Baldwin, whose attitude towards “israel” is much more nuanced. Also defeated for re-election was Florida Republican Congressman Allen West, who famously said that “any two-state solution establishing a Palestinian state beside ‘israel’ would be a foreign policy blunder of epic proportions.” He was ousted by Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy, who won despite ads run in the campaign in what is a very Jewish district claiming he would “work to weaken the defense of the state of “israel”.

On the eve of the election, the online political news magazine Politico wrote: “Conservative pro-‘israel’ groups that have spent millions of dollars targeting President Barack Obama’s policies toward the Jewish state are facing a daunting reality: If the president wins anyway, their political influence may never be the same.”

Now Obama and other candidates opposed by AIPAC have won and as a result, “zionist” political influence, and public support for unquestioning US backing of “israel”, will probably never recover.

A major loss for the pro-“israel” lobby in the US was the replacement of arch-zionist Joe Lieberman, a senator from Connecticut who to the end of his term has been pushing for war with Iran. Lieberman decided to retire and not seek re-election when it became clear that his home state would this time reject him.

Did you know the President Obama's grassroots campaign raised 690 million for his campaign and countless millions more for progressive candidates? So there is no need to be wed to special interests and corporate America anymore. This is the good news from the 2012 campaign American people took back control from those who are selling them out and bringing them endless conflict and war and bankrupting their economy in the process.

Americans can't afford to uphold “israeli” illegal settlements and the war mongering that accompanies this. It is all despicable lawlessness, land theft and bullying anyhow and it has no place in the 21st century. None at all!

The Palestinian people need to return home and have ALL of their land back as Professor Salman H. Abu-Sitta - of the London-based “Palestine Land Society” - notes in his eye witness video below. (He became a victim of “zionist” terrorism in 1948 when he was just 10 years old...He is now a land engineer) Especially in the Palestinian Territories--the settlers who came after 1967 need to go or they can apply for Palestinian citizenship...

People are not fools. It's amazing how the truth shows itself wrapped in the falsehoods of their creators. It always shines through in the end.

Arab rage, “spring” and other is contagious. Next is: N. Korea, China, Cuba, etc. Why not also “israel”?

That is why “israel” needs and external “enemy” (or enemies) to prevent civil war.

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Pharaoh Salman bin Abdel Aziz and Hustling “crown prince”,

Crime minister Netanyahu Prepare for “israel’s” Demise: AIPAC was defeated by US Senate

Muslim and Arab Revolutionaries’ main enemies are: USA, “israel”, the West, Gulf Pharaohs (especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar).

1. Total and flagrant absence of Gulf Pharaoh’s STOLEN billions of US Dollars to financially aid Palestinian Revolutionary Organizations (to arm them) or help civilians (to reconstruct). Instead, they do their best to dissuade them from continuing their armed resistance to bury “israel” and regain control of ALL of Palestine.

2. I did not witness ANY oil producing Gulf country “threatening” – only threatening – to shut off Oil? None of them will DARE to even think of saying it. Why not? They are – as always - ONLY serving American and “israeli” interests.

3. They maintaining open (or secret) relations with “israel” while rhetoric “Verbal” support of Muslim and Arab slogans are vomited to media.

4. The combined wealth of the Al Saud Family is impossible to guess, but is estimated to be hundreds of billions of dollars.

5. Saudi-Mafia-House-Pharaohs’ self-labeled “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” Updated to “Islamic Republic of Islam.”

6. I must precise that Muslims and Arabs HATE “israel” more than they LOVE their children.

Dr. Walid Amin Ruwayha

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