Tuesday, 1 January 2013

South Tel Aviv conquered by refugees

World  conquered by Jewish Terrorists

Kahanists March Against African Refugees, Israel’s Prime Minister Stays Silent

Residents of Tel Aviv's southern neighborhoods, right-wing activists protest in wake of rape of 83-year-old woman by Eritrean refugee: 'Crime in the area is ceaseless'
The horrendous rape has rattled the residents of Tel Aviv's raped near Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station. The protesters waved signs denouncing African migrants and calling for their deportation, after police revealed they have arrested an Eritrean man suspected to be the rapist. 

Members of the Michael Ben Ari and Knesset candidates Baruch Marzel were among the leaders of the protest. "The elections seemed to have forgotten the most painful issue. People are focusing on all the 'bla, bla, bla' while life here has become a living hell," Ben Ari said.

"Israeli businesses in the neighborhood have all gone under; there is no one to sell to. Where is the mayor? Why isn’t he taking care of this? The area is not safe for a mother with a stroller or for a child returning from school. There is no law, and its a crying shame."

Somebody do something [Kick the zionists out of Palestine!]

Among the protesters was Korin Galilee, whose mother was brutally beaten to death in 2010 at the hands of a Sudanese citizen, not far from the scene of rape.

"I just can't believe it, I am truly in shock. This is such a horrendous crime and I am sure it is not the only one," she said. "There are many incidents in which foreign workers rape prostitutes that aren’t even reported. The area has become occupied by refugees." 

According to her, the police barley note the identity of the assailants in the cases that are reported in an attempt to "sweep the facts under the carpet." Regarding the refugees themselves, she demanded that they be "returned to where they came from."

Marzel, who organized the protest, said that "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has halted every initiative which attempted to deal with the infiltrator issue. Eli Yishai talks as if he isn’t the interior minister, as if he is a simple citizen. It is all a question of public opinion. If the resident here will remain quiet nothing will happen; if they make a ruckus the government will do something."


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