Thursday, 10 January 2013

Snowmen and Strawmen

 1 The Snowman

As you may have gathered, it doesn't snow often in Palestine, so when it does, its kind of a big deal. Social media has been filled with images of snow in Palestine and Palestinians enjoying the rare event. Below we've compiled a variety of images that not only depict iconic scenes in pristine snow cover, but also bring forward Palestinian expressions through snow sculpture.

For many around the world, a white Christmas is commonplace, but in Palestine it is truly a thing of dreams. For Eastern Christians who celebrated Christmas just a couple of days ago, the snow was a fitting surprise.

 Photos thanks to the Palestine Center website

Palestinian snow man visits the Dome of the Rock
 Fateh scarf, comes complete a with kufiyeh

Some snowmen wanted nothing to do with politics
Damascus Gate to the Old City of  Jerusalem
The crown jewel of Jerusalem's skyline, the Dome of the Rock

Hamas snowman.

Snow covered domes

Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike atop the snow

1948 or Bust!

Majestic Jerusalem presently occupied by the Barbaric Hordes of Khazaria

Manger Square in Bethlehem and church of the nativity

Lions of Ramallah covered in snow

Palestinian refugee camp in Bethlehem. Arbeit macht Frei Entrance

Unity and reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah
 2 The Strawman

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